the_impersonator's Highlander: The Source review

Highlander: The Source


Duncan MacLeod and the other Immortals are on a quest to find the source of immortality.

The Good

It's good to see Duncan MacLeod and his old friends back from the Highlander television series.

The Bad

I didn't know how to explain more of this movie but it was horrible to watch. Duncan MacLeod had not once used his sword techniques in the movie just like what he did in Endgame and the TV series. The sad part about the movie is the bartender and the Watcher, Joe Dawson dies at the hands of the Guardian, an another Immortal who protects the source of immortality. The source was not fully explained, yet it did somehow connected to the Immortals. Was the source responsible for making ordinary people to become Immortals? If so, why? Why not others who were not Immortal? It sounds like a good revelation of how Immortals came into existence. But the source of immortality wasn't fully addressed here. There was also a point if you go near the Source, your immortality will be weakened and hence you will die without withering into dust or age faster, which doesn't make sense. I would also not want to spoil what happens in the end of the movie. The ending also didn't make sense of why it happened the way it did.

The Verdict

When I first heard of a fifth Highlander movie, I was excited to see the next Immortal adventure since the Christopher Lambart's Highlander classic and Adrian Paul's Highlander TV series. But the fifth and supposedly last movie was the worst of all Highlanders. This movie didn't turn out to be a better one than the first Highlander. Highlander: The Source receives one beheading out of five.


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