dark_noldor's Higher Earth #7 review

Eating Flowers

Higher Earth is one of the best examples of a good story, a good concept that was executed in a poor way, for many reasons, from unnecessary subplots to mistakes in continuity, all these problems were agravated by Boom!'s decision to terminate this series earlier than expected. This series is based on a very intelligent and interesting concept: an empire (Higher Earth) of a multitude of Earths, in which there's a strict division and categories of Earths: ones for providing resources, others for technology purposes and so on; in these single Earths there're analogs of each one in it's repesctive Earth, so, for instance the hero "Rex", he has a primary self (from Higher Earth) and for every Earth discovered and conquered, there're copies of him, that share some feelings and thoughts, but not exaclty a copy. This concept was interesting because of the tyrany behind the wheels that drive Higher Earth, Rex's goal was to stop this and his plan was to retrieve the duplicate of the Queen and reboot the system,making Higher Earth a place for goodness.This was a project gone awol or bad because Sam Humphries didn't stayed focus in the main plot, he tried to fill holes (like in issue 5), then completely forgot the continuity between issues 4 and 6, also there're totally unnecessary subplots in issues 1 and 2, he only really started telling the story in issue 3, so if he had condensed more this story, like a 5 issue run, it could have been more succsessfull and better received. In other hand, Francesco Biagini's art is very good, I really enjoyed his style. Overall it's sad to see a good idea go to waste like this, unfortunately, since this showed potential, especially after issue 3, but Humphries couldn't deliver it.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Dang, what a great cover! Good God, look at that piece of art! Mag-NIFICENT!!!!

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