adamwarlock's Higher Earth #1 review

Too much too soon

My comic store was giving these out for free instead of for the hefty $1 asking price, so I was more than happy to give it a shot whereas I'd otherwise have been completely unaware of the book's existence (except for the fact that Marvel has already tapped its writer as a new "up-and-comer".

I am less than impressed and can safely say that this jumping-on issue is as far as I'm going to go with this book. The story is something of a mess; just throwing seemingly random elements at the reader with very little explanation. There's a dystopian garbage dump of an earth, a man from a different earth who seems to be expecting to find our other protagonist there (a citizen of garbage dump earth who doesn't seem to know him), everybody has swords (swords are cool, right?), and... well that's about it. Travel between alternate reality earths is possible and people have swords. That's our story. Pretty flimsy.

It's just a first issue, and of an ongoing series, so clearly there's much to be explained... but I just don't care. This issue throws readers into a hectic environment with no setup, so what's here to explain isn't there as a "oh, let's watch this exciting mystery unfold" like on "Lost", but rather due to seeming laziness. There is so little establishment of the characters and the setting in this issue that I just don't care even remotely to continue reading and see where the story will go from here. There are a million comics on the racks and a book needs to do something really special to justify making it home. This book seems to just try to dazzle action-aholics with some fisticuffs and swordplay and isn't interested in putting forth the effort to integrate those elements into a captivating story that makes us want more. I'm generally game to read new series #1 issues that are free or $1 as a sampler and leave my mind open to being impressed (or am glad to have had the opportunity to merely sample for a lower price and know that a book I'd otherwise have bought just isn't that great). With this issue, I had no investment with the creators or characters (all of them being new) so the book would have been a pleasant surprise if t had piqued my interest enough to continue... but with it holding my interest so very little as it did, even as a completely free book for me, I found reading this to actually be a waste of time.

Posted by d3mncln3r

Good, honest review. Too many reviews I read are chock full of nonstop praise for a book. Comic reviewers aren't that critical of a bunch. I agree that we need to keep trying out new stuff all the time, but not everything is going to be good. We as comic book fans are in a unique position that our medium of choice is in a constant state of flux. More so than TV shows, video games, and certainly films. This means we have the dual responsibility to support, encourage and disseminate the books and creators we love, while simultaneously being honest and thorough with our criticisms. Otherwise we will end up tolerating crap just to support the medium. I think most reviewers (and fans) don't understand the responsibility they have to promote a more honest dialogue with the industry.

I have the first 5 of these issues but I haven't read them yet :p Guess I'll sit down this weekend and plow through 'em to determine how I feel.

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