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High School DXD Anime

Season 1

High School DxD is an anime series based on the light novel written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero and published by Fujimi Shobo. It is a Supernatural (Dealing with the topic of Gods, Devils, Etc.) action anime which the story centers on Hyoudou Issei, a perverted high school student who is nearly killed by his first date, Yuuma Amano, who is later revealed as the Fallen Angel Raynare. He is soon saved by Rias Gremory, a crimson-haired beauty who reveals herself as a Devil and part of the Gremory Clan. He finds himself reborn as a Devil with the purpose of serving her.

The story focuses on the ongoing battle between the the Three Super Natural Faction:

  • Devils
  • Fallen Angels
  • Angels

Season 1 covers The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening Arc.

Featured Characters


  • Hyoudou Issei
  • Rias Gremory
  • Akeno Himejima
  • Koneko Toujou
  • Yuuto Kiba
  • Sona Sitri
  • Tsubaki Shinra
  • Momo Hanakai
  • Viser
  • Riser Phenex
  • Genshirou Saji
  • Momo Hanakai
  • Reya Kusaka
  • Tomoe Meguri
  • Tsubasa Yura
  • Ruruko
  • Nimura
  • Zatouji
  • Grayfia Lucifuge
  • Ravel Phenex
  • Yubelluna
  • Karlamine
  • Xuelan
  • Mira
  • Mihae
  • Bürent
  • Shuriya
  • Marion
  • Siris
  • Ni
  • Li
  • Isabela
  • Ile
  • Nel
  • Sirzechs Lucifer

Fallen Angels:

  • Raynare
  • Dohnaseek
  • Kalawarner
  • Mittelt


  • Matsuda
  • Motohama
  • Freed Sellzen
  • Mr. Hyoudou
  • Mrs. Hyoudou
  • Mil-tan
  • Susan
  • Horii


  • Ddraig


Episode 1: "I Got a Girlfriend!"

Raynare posing as Yuuma Amano

Hyoudou Issei is one of the biggest perverts in Kuoh Academy (Previously an all-girls school) along with his two friends, Matsuda and Motohama. Having his usual school day, Issei goes to peek at the girls of the Kendo Club along with Matsuda and Motohama, who fled after realizing that the girls noticed them, leaving Issei to the mercy of the Kendo Club. After getting beaten up by the Kendo Club girls for peeking, Issei meets a crimson haired girl named Rias Gremory, in the old school building, falling in love with her at first sight.

Later on his way home, Issei receives a confession from a girl named Yuuma Amano. During their first date, Yuuma suddenly kills Issei at the end of the date, revealing her black wings to Issei much to the latter's surprise before creating a spear of light and piercing his body. Moments before his death, Issei thought of Rias and ends up unknowingly, summoning her. Issei wakes up the next day in his room and was surprised to find that none of his friends remember Yuuma. He also realizes that he has gained the ability to see in the dark and developed increased strength at night. While on his way home from his friends' house, Issei went to the park where he last met Yuuma, meeting another Fallen Angel, Dohnaseek, who also attempts to kill him. Dohnaseek successfully injures Issei but before he can deliver the fatal blow, Issei is rescued by three girls, one of them being Rias. The next morning, Issei discovers Rias and himself naked in his bed and she explains to him that she is a Devil and she is his master as he was reincarnated by her.

Episode 2: "I'm Done Being Human!"

Issei waking-up with a naked girl

Issei wakes up surprised to find a naked girl (Rias) sleeping beside him until his mother comes in causing a misunderstanding. Rias told Issei that she is a Devil and has reincarnated Issei as a Devil to serve her. After Issei's usual class ends, Issei was visited by Yuuto Kiba, another second-year student, who came to escort Issei to the Occult Research Club. In the clubroom, Issei meets two other members of the club, Akeno Himejima and Koneko Toujou, the two girls that helped Rias rescue Issei. Reintroducing herself, Rias explains to Issei about the Great War between the Three Factions comprised of Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. She also reveals that Yuuma, who he once dated before, was a Fallen Angel that was sent to kill him. Issie is formally introduced as a member of the Research Occult Club and as a Pawn in Rias Gremory's peerage.

As a new devil, he's tasked with menial task, his first assignment is distribution of pamphlets. After finishing distributing the pamphlets given to him by Rias, Issei is given a chance to get his own client as Koneko's request overlapped with her schedule. On his way home after visiting the client, Issei is confronted by another Fallen Angel, Kalawarnar, but was able to fend her off after gaining the ability to use his Sacred Gear. The next day on the way to school, he bumps into a nun named Asia Argento, knocking her over.

Episode 3: "I Made a Friend!"

Issei helps the Asia to her feet. They talked for a while until Asia mentioned that she was lost and Issei agrees to escort her back to the Church. On the way, they encounter a boy crying because of a wounded knee. Asia healed the boy's knee using an unknown healing ability, Issei slightly panicked upon witnessing Asia's ability. His discomfort escalated when they finally get to the Church, Issie declines Asia's invitation to enter the Church's premises because of this. Later on, after asking Rias about the strange feelings he had about the girl and the Church, Rias tells Issei that the Church is the enemy's base and that being friends with Asia is the same as fraternizing with the enemy, also advising him to stay away from her for his own sake.

Later on, Rias and the group take Issei with them to kill a Stray Devil (a Devil who has killed its own master); Rias uses the battle to explain each person's chess rank and ability to Issei. Later on, another mission to get a contract is taken up by Issei who arrives at a house. Upon entering (after no one answered the door), Issei is confronted by a bloody corpse; the work of an insane exorcist named Freed who serves a Fallen Angel and reveals his presence.

Freed proudly admits to killing the man, explaining that his victim was in league with the Devils. He identifies Issei as another Devil and begins to attack him. Initially, Freed has the upper hand when he shoots Issei in the leg with a gun and slashes him with a light sword. Eventually, Asia comes into the room, instantly startled by and screaming at the sight of the bloody body. Freed comments on why Asia left her job of maintaining the barrier (which was used to mask his presence), wondering if this is the first time Asia seen a dead body. He proceeds to reveal that Issei is a Devil. Freed tries to attack Issei again, but Asia intervenes by rushing in front of the paralyzed Issei to protect him. Freed easily shoves Asia from her place and restrains her against a wall in the attempt of raping her in front of Issei. Consequently, Issei immediately ignores his pain and punches Freed in the face. Freed then turns his full attention to Issei, but just as he is about to be finished off, the other members of the Occult Research Club arrive, assisting Issei in his dilemma. Issei and his companions escape quickly after, leaving Freed alive as his master began approaching in a blinding light. Before they escape, Issei desperately wants to bring the injured Asia with them, but finds out they cannot as the transportation circle only works for people that are a part of the Gremory Clan. The episode ends with Issei struggling to try and rescue Asia while Koneko restraining him.

Episode 4: "I'm Saving my Friend!

Recovering from the previous battle, Issei is focused on rescuing Asia by getting stronger. Though Rias once again berates him for him for attempting to rescue Asia as the two are of opposing sides. Issei heads to the park to practice chin-ups to get stronger and encounters Asia and they end up going on a date. Towards the end of the date, Raynare, the Fallen Angel who disguised herself as "Yuuma" in the first episode, appears and starts a fight with Issei, easily defeating the inexperienced Issei. Asia agrees to go with Raynare in exchange for Issei to be spared. Issei returns to the clubroom to try and get help and indirectly, Rias helps him after explaining that as a Pawn he can rank up to any other piece except for King. Kiba and Koneko go with him to the Church to save Asia while Rias and Akeno distract a number of Fallen Angels who were guarding the Church. Freed appears to stop Issei and his group but ends up defeated after Issei ranks up to Rook. After Freed escapes, Issei and his group head to the basement, witnessing the final moments of Raynare stealing Asia's Sacred Gear, killing her in the process.

Episode 5: "I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend!"

Raynare takes Asia's Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing and puts it on herself. As this occurs, Issei, Kiba, and Koneko are fighting the group of priests with Issei reaching Asia's dead body. Issei retrieves Asia from the cross after Raynare released her to him, as he successfully carries her upstairs to the main part of the Church with Kiba and Koneko holding off the priests. Begging Asia to live while promising to be with her all the time as her friend, Issei is greatly saddened by her death. Raynare then shows up revealing that she received an injury from Kiba before coming up, while showing off Asia's Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing's ability to Issei. Disgusted by Raynare's action, Issei battles Raynare who initially has the upper hand until Issei's Sacred Gear activates for the first time and defeats Raynare. After the battle, Rias and the others appear congratulating Issei on his victory. Rias then explains to Raynare that Issei's Sacred Gear is not the "Twice Critical" but the "Boosted Gear", one of the thirteen Longinus that has the spirit of the Red Dragon Emperor Ddraig sealed within it. Raynare then changes back to Yuuma while desperately trying to beg Issei to spare her which Issei responds by having Rias kill her. Asia's Sacred Gear is then returned to her and is also brought back to life as a Devil using a Bishop piece from Rias' Evil Pieces. The next day, Asia appears in the Occult Research Club, having transferred to the Kuoh Academy, and admitted to the Occult Research Club. As they celebrate, a group of mysterious people are watching them through a red bird.

Episode 6: "I Work as a Devil!"

To Issei's surprise, Asia who was living in the Occult Research Club's club house ever since she was made a part of Rias Gremory's peerage was arranged to live in Issei's house (Hyoudou Residence). Meanwhile, seeing as Issei still lack the stamina and physique to perform the task and chores for her peerage, Rias decides for Issei to undergo basic training. The next day, Asia transferred to Kuoh Academy becoming Isse's classmate, Issei was relieved to see that she fits perfectly in. That evening after the rudimentary task of distributing pamphlets, he meets with Mil-tan, a client and a very muscular man who wants to be a Magical Girl.

Low morale from having to fail to secure a contract, Issei decides to go to the school infirmary to sleep, when he woke-up, he saw a naked Rias sleeping beside him. Rias decides to help Issei on his next request to make sure that he'll get a contract this time, meeting a foreigner named Susan who loves the Japanese culture, especially the samurai. Susan reveals that her request is for the Devils to help her in taking her notes back from the university and her love confession. Using Issei's advice of writing a love letter, Susan manages to properly convey her feelings, resulting in her love interest, Horii, and her successfully becoming a couple. Back at the Occult Research Club, Issei and Rias share an intimate moment, as Akeno notices the change in her master.

Episode 7: "I Get a Familiar!"

Any good devil needs to have a familiar, Rias decides that both Issei and Asia have done enough pamphlet distribution and that it is a good time for the two to get their own familiars. Issei's interest is piqued when the rest of the Occult Research Club show their familiar to him and Asia, after which, the Student Council members showed-up. Rias introduced Issei and Asia to the current President of the Student Council, Sona Sitri, another High-Class Devil from the Sitri Clan. Both Rias and Sona then introduce their new servants as Issei and Saji another pervert. Saji then reveals that he was given the right to have a familiar as Issei says the same making both of their masters troubled by the fact that only one of them can get a familiar at a time. Rias and Sona then decide to have a tennis match with their fellow Queens to decide who gets to receive their familiar first as their match ends in a draw.

Rias and Akeno then discuss on their next match to have, before deciding to have a dodgeball match. The dodgeball match ends with the Occult Research Club winning, albeit with much damage to school property due to them using demonic power in the game. At the Familiar Forest, Issei and the others meets the Familiar Master, Zatouji, who takes them through the Familiar Forest, discovering an Undine, before finding a baby Sprite Dragon. Issei originally wanted to capture that Sprite Dragon as his familiar before the Slime appeared and dissolved the girls' clothes. Issei then decides to have the Slime as his familiar instead until Rias and the others exterminate the Slime much to Issei's dismay. As Issei desperately tries protect the last of the Slime on Asia, as the baby Sprite Dragon attacks him and destroys the remaining Slime. The Familiar Master then reveals that the baby Sprite Dragon has taken a liking to Asia who then proceeds to make the baby Sprite Dragon her familiar, naming it Rassei.

Episode 8: "I Pick a Fight!"

Issei dreams of himself marrying Rias which in indirectly leads him to get in touch with his Ddraig. Later at school, Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama are seen peeping at the girls while they were changing before getting beat up by Koneko. At the clubroom, Asia heals the beaten Issei with Rias saying that she has no problem showing her body to him. After Issei and the others leave, Rias and Akeno have a private conversation on Rias' recent behaviour towards Issei. After Akeno leaves, an unknown magic circle appears before Rias in the clubroom. Back in Issei's room at night, Rias suddenly appears in Issei's room wanting Issei to take her virginity. Before Rias can continue, a new figure appears and interrupts them, introducing herself as Grayfia. Rias then leaves with Grayfia. The next day, Issei meets Riser Phenex, another High-Class Devil from the Phenex Clan, and Rias' fiancé. Rias and Riser then have a dispute, with Rias refusing to marry Riser, while Riser's intention is to marry Rias so that it doesn't stain his family name. After a short dispute between Rias and Riser, it was decided that they would have a Rating Game to solve the problem. Riser then introduces his full peerage to Rias and the others as Issei watches Riser with envy and admiration. After watching Riser flirt with his queen, Yubelluna, Issei gets angry and challenges Riser to a fight but lost to Mira, Riser's Pawn, who he claims is his weakest member. Riser then leaves after Rias accepts the challenge for the Rating Game.

Episode 9: "My Training Begins!!"

the Occult Research Club in preparation to the upcoming Rating Game against Riser Phenex and his peerage that will be held in ten days, went to a cottage in an inhabited mountain to train. Being the weakest in the group, Issei was training with Kiba in sword fighting, Akeno on magic, and finally, Koneko on close combat. Issei did not do well while Asia shows talent in magic. Later after imagining Akeno naked, Issei notices that he could easily peel the potato's skin using magic. After remembering the feeling when he first activated his Boosted Gear against Kalawarner, Issei has an idea for developing a new move. Meanwhile, Grayfia is seen discussing with her master, Sirzechs, on Rias' decision to accept the Rating Game challenge. During night time, Issei starts practicing the new move he thought of with Asia's help. The next day, Rias starts explaining about the history of the Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels which led to the creation of the Rating Games. Later in the night, Issei has a conversation with Rias on Riser's abilities and Rias' reason for rejecting her engagement while Issei's laments on his own weakness. The next morning, Issei has a sparring match with Kiba, which he won after successfully showing the results of his training destroying an entire mountain in one attack.

Episode 10: "The Showdown Begins!"

As the Occult Research Club wraps-up their training session before their Rating Game against Riser Phenex and his peerage, the team was visited by Sona Sitri and Tsubaki Shinra to express their support. The team is then transported in a dimension that is the exact replica of Kuoh Academy. In preparation to the fight, Rias ordered Akeno, koneko and Yuuto to set traps in preparation for the enemies assault.

At the commencement of the Rating Game, the Occult Research Club split into four groups.

  • Issei/Koneko pair is confronted by Riser's Rook, Xuelan, and Pawns, Mira, Ile and Nel. Issei manage to Immobilize Riser's pawns by using his newly developed skill "Dress Break". Koneko also subdued Xuelan. Issei and Koneko left the gymnasium and signaled Akeno to deliver the final blow by launching an Area of Effect (AoE) lightning attack at the gymnasium.
  • Yuuto heads solo and confronted by three of Riser's other pawn.
  • Akeno also heads solo.
  • Rias and Asia holds the fort.

As Koneko and Issei head to the next area, Koneko was taken out by Yubelluna by launching a surprise attack.

Episode 11

Episode 12

Theme Song

Opening Theme Song - Trip-innocent of D-

Lyrics by Kirishima Airi

Composed by C.G MIX

Arranged by C.G MIX and Ozaki Takeshi

Performed by Larval Stage Planning

Majiwariau sen to tooku yobikakeru sora

Juuji no shita de mau senritsu no koe

Yowasa nado kimi ni misetaku nai kara

Kaze wo ukete furikitte susume

Shoudou wo tokihanate! kakemeguri tsumoru ishi

Sono me wo wasure wa shinai

Kioku wo yurasu DrawxDelete ashita ni kaeru ima wo

Mata rinne suru tomoshibi sotto hoho wo tsutau kurenai

Itazura ni hohoemu shiroi toge no Maria

Kizamareta kizuato umeteiku iro

Honno sukoshi no yume wo se ni uketa nara

Mamorinukeru kago yori mo tsuyoku

Nayameru sekai no hate kodou ga takanatteiku

Musubareshi sei no negai

Namida ni nureru kimi ni kibou no ko egaku kara

Mata rinne suru tomoshibi kitto kono na wa kakegaenai

Futashika na towa to kibou kasanetara

Meguru omoi mune ni sotto fureta

Shoudou wo tokihanate! kakemeguri tsumoru ishi

Sono me wo wasure wa shinai

Kioku wo yurasu DrawxDelete hikari ni tachimukaou

Saa tatakai no maku ake sotto mune ni tsutau kurenai

Sou zettai makerarenai

Ending Theme Song - Study X Study

Written by Kodama Saori

Composed and Arranged by Takada Kyou

Performed by StylipS

Saenai desho, konnan ja

Watashi kimi no HAATO wo shidou shichau yo

Dore dake sugoi no honto no tokoro wa?

Naked soul, Wake UP↑

Imaichi poin dakedo damasarete agenai

Genzai shinkoukei yaru shikanai desho Don't you know? Baby

Datte ima kyun toshite sanbyougo no hoshou wa nai no

Yosougai KYACCHI shita SHIGUNARU kimi wa nani mo shiranai

Tokimeki e to shinka shiteiru no wa


Ieru wake ga na-i!

STUDY NOW!! renaiteki KARIKYURAMU nyuumonhen de tsumazukanai de

Keshigomu ja kesenai yo mune ni choku de kaichau no

Tenkai wa kibun shidai!? kakugo shite aishou nante shinjinai

Shunkan ga daiji nanda STUDYxSTUDY motto shitai na

Boy meets Girl kitto UNMEI


Boy meets Girl saa goisshoni


otenami haiken doryoku no seika wa?

Naked soul, kakusei

Heijoushin no PINCHI ikinari de aseru

Gyakuten SHIISOO GEEMU osarechashaku da yo Don't you know? Baby

Datte sakki mutto shite nanda kanda yurushite shimau

Mitsumetara gyutto atsuku naru kawatteiku no wakaru

Konna toki wa nante ieba ii no?

Shishishi Thinking time matte matte yo

Suki! de seikai??

HURRY UP!! renairyoku kyoukachuu RESSUN WAN kara susumenai

Kono mama ja kimi no koto dareka ni torarechai sou

TAIMINGU wa kocchi de tsukuritai kono tsugi nante konai no

Tsuishi kibou aitai ne SYUDYxSTUDY motto shinakucha

Boy meets Girl zutto hitsuzen

STUDYxSTUDY kyoukasho wa nai

Boy meets Girl oteage nante

ARIENAI! kara!


Saenai desho, konnan ja

Aimai nante yada yo

STUDY NOW!! renaiteki KARIKYURAMU nyuumonhen de tsumazukanai de

Keshigomu ja kesenai yo mune ni choku de kaichau no

Tenkai wa kibun shidai!? kakugo shite aishou nante shinjinai

Shunkan ga daiji nanda STUDYxSTUDY motto shitai na

Boy meets Girl kitto UNMEI


Boy meets Girl saa goisshoni


Season 2

Season 2 covers Arc.

Featured Characters

  • Hyoudou Issei
  • Rias Gremory
  • Akeno Himejima
  • Koneko Toujou
  • Yuuto Kiba


Episode 1:

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Media Appearance

Video Games

High School DXD 3DS "Erotic Battle Adventure Game"

Publisher: Kadokawa Games

Release Date: November 2013

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Retail Price: $ 63.00


- The main objective of the game is to build up Lust and perform moves such as Dress Break.

The story centers around Hyoudou Issei, a dim-witted, lecherous second-year high school student who was killed Raynare on his first date . Issei (Yuuki Kaji) is reincarnated as a devil, and from that day forward, he serves as an underling of Rias Gremory (Yōko Hikasa), a high-level devil who is also the prettiest girl of Kuoh Academy as part of her peerage.

The game has a unique system, the player advances by following his desires. The game's story parts reenact the anime's plot, particularly, Issei's daily school life surrounded by girls. The player engages in conversations with the heroines and improves (or ruins) his standing among them by making choices. According to Famitsu, "the key to winning is 'lust'!"

In each chapter of the game, there are also battles with various opponents. The battles have a typical turn-based system in which the player selects commands. The player can use the "lust power" accumulated in the story parts to increase the "Dress Break" damage against opponents in battle.

Card Game

High School DXD Card Game

Publisher: Prism Connect

Release Date: July 27, 2012

Retail Price: $ 25.00

Features characters from the High School DXD series. Comes in Starter and Booster Pack.

Light Novel

High School DxD is a light novel written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero and published by Fujimi Shobo. It is a Supernatural (Dealing with the topic of Gods, Devils, Etc.) action anime which the story centers on Hyoudou Issei, a perverted high school student who is nearly killed by his first date, Yuuma Amano, who is later revealed as the Fallen Angel Raynare. He is soon saved by Rias Gremory, a crimson-haired beauty who reveals herself as a Devil and part of the Gremory Clan. He finds himself reborn as a Devil with the purpose of serving her.

The story focuses on the ongoing battle between the the Three Super Natural Faction:

  • Devils
  • Fallen Angels
  • Angels

The list below are Arcs and Volumes where Hyoudou Issei made an appearance.

Story Arcs

The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening

Volume 1: Diabolos of the Old School Building


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "I Quit Being Human."
  • Life.2: "I Start as a Devil."
  • Life.3: "I Made a Friend."
  • Life.4: "I'm Saving My Friend!"
  • New Life.
  • Afterword

Volume 2: Phoenix of the Battle School


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "I Work as a Devil."
  • Life.2: "I Pick a Fight."
  • Life.3: "I Begin My Training."
  • Life.4: "The Showdown Begins!"
  • Life.5: "The Acclaimed Battle Continues!"
    • Checkmate.
    • End Game.
  • Life.∞ vs Power ∞: "I'm Here to Keep My Promise!"
    • father×father.
    • Last kiss.
  • New Life.
  • Afterword

Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor

Volume 3:Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Heat Up Occult Research Club!"
    • Revenge Knight.
  • Life.2: "The Holy Sword Has Arrived."
  • Life.3: "The Plan to Destroy the Holy Sword!"
  • Life.4: "Go! Occult Research Club!"
    • New Knight & New Rival.
  • New Life.
    • Friends.
  • Afterword

Volume 4: Vampire of the Suspended Classroom


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "It's Summer! It's Swimsuits! I'm in Trouble!?"
  • Life.2: "The Class Observation Begins."
  • Life.3: "I Got a Junior (Boy)."
    • Grigori.1
  • Life.4: "The VIP Meeting Begins!"
    • Khaos Brigade.
  • Life.5: "The Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon"
    • The Festival Ends.
  • New Life.
    • Grigori.2
    • Valhalla.
  • Special Life.
  • Afterword

Volume 5: Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "It's Summer Break, let's GO to the Underworld!"
  • Life.2: "The Young Devils Gathering!"
  • Life.3: "The Cat and the Dragon!"
    • Odin.
  • Life.4: "Club President vs Student Council President: First Half!"
    • Waltz.
  • Life.5: "Club President vs Student Council President: Second Half!"
    • VIP.
    • End Game.
    • WINNER.
  • Reunion.
  • Afterword

Volume 6: Holy Behind the Gymnasium


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "The Second Term Started!"
  • Life.2: "Asia's Worries"
    • Asia.
    • Boss×Boss.
  • Life.3: "The Great Battle!"
    • Uroboros.
  • Life.4: "I Love You"
    • Juggernaut Drive.
  • Life.5: "The Great Red!"
    • Vali Lucifer.
    • Heroes.
  • New Life.
  • Afterword

The Heroic Oppai Dragon

Volume 7: Ragnarok After School


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Peace is the Best."
  • Life.2: "The Shitty Geezer from the North Has Arrived."
  • Life.3: "The Joint Army!"
    • Odin.
  • Life.4: "The Two Heavenly Dragons vs. Evil God Loki!"
    • Surveillant.
    • Vali Lucifer.
    • Boss×Boss.
  • New Life.
    • Dad.
    • Heroes.
  • Afterword

Volume 8: The Work of a Devil


  • Life.1: "The Work of a Devil"
  • Life.2: "The Familiar's Requirements"
  • Life.3: "Memories of Breasts"
  • Life.4: "The Breasts of Tennis"
  • Life.5: "Hell Teacher Azazel"
  • Life.6: "300 Issei"
  • Extra Life: "The Fun Gremory Family"
  • Afterword

Volume 9: Pandemonium at the School Trip


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Yeah, Let's Go to Kyoto!"
  • Life.2: "Arrival at Kyoto"
  • Life.3: "The Group of Heroes Has Arrived!"
  • Life.4: "Showdown in Kyoto! Gremory Family vs. Hero Faction!"
    • Maven.
  • New Life.
    • Boss×Boss.
    • Vali Lucifer.
    • Bael.
    • Heroes.
  • Afterword

Volume 10:Lion Heart of the School Festival


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Preparations for the School Festival!"
  • Life.2: "A Maiden's Heart is Complicated"
  • Life.3: "The Young Devils Showdown Begins!"
    • King.
  • Life.4: "As a Servant of Rias Gremory"
    • Pawn.
  • Life.MAX VS Power.MAX: "Red Dragon Emperor vs Lion King"
  • Life.MAXIMUM VS Power.MAXIMUM: "Crimson and Red"
    • Emperor.
    • Indra.
  • New Life.
  • Extra Life: "The Dream that Does Not Finish, and The Dream that Finishes"
  • Afterword

Volume 11: Ouroboros and Promotion Tests


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Studying and Mating Season?"
  • Life.2: "Infinity and the Mid-Class Devil Promotion Test!"
  • Life.3: "The Rebellious Heroes"
  • Life.4: "As a Heavenly Dragon"
  • Life...
  • Lost Life.
  • Afterword

Volume 12: Heroes of Tutoring


  • Life.-3: "A Gremory Without a Red Dragon Emperor"
  • Life.-2: "Pal"
    • Dimension Boundary.
    • Satan.
  • Life.-1: "The Young Devil Alliance!"
  • Life.0: "The Emperor of Bust Dragon."
  • Life.1: "Crimson Promise"
    • Azazel.
    • Hero...?
  • New Life.
  • Afterword

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions

Volume 13: Issei SOS


  • Life.1: "A Tokusatsu Devil"
  • Life.2: "Issei SOS"
  • Life.3: "The Disturbance of a Devil"
  • Life.4: "The Unresurrected Phoenix"
  • Life.5: "Armageddon at Sports Day!"
  • Extra Life: "The Worries of the Next-Next Heir"
  • Afterword

Volume 14: Wizards of Career Counseling


  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "I'm Also Doing a Devil Today"
    • MaveRick wizard.
  • Life.2: "The Rulers of the Late-Night"
    • Wizard for Khaos Brigade.
  • Life.3: "Stray Wizards"
  • Life.4: "Go, Occult Research Club & Student Council!"
  • New Life.
    • Romania
  • Afterword

Volume 15: Dark Knight of the Sunny-spot


Episode Issei.1
  • Life.1: "Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?"
Episode Issei.2
  • Life.2: "Scarlet and Crimson"
Episode Issei.3
  • Life.3: "Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-Land"
Episode Issei.4
  • Life.4: "Lets Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~"
Episode Issei.5
Episode Azazel.1
  • Life.5: "Wolf's Emblem"
Episode Azazel.2
Episode Yuuto.1
  • Life.6: "May the Shine be on You"
Episode Yuuto.2
  • Afterword

Volume 16: Daywalker of the Extracurricular Lesson


  • Life.0
  • Life.1 Occult Research Club, to Romania!
  • Life.2 The Kins of the Dark Knight
  • Life.3 Let’s Have the Sunlight Together With Me
  • Life.4 Rizevim Livan Lucifer(The Son of the Morning Star)
    • Gasper Balor.
    • Life.DxD
  • New Life.
    • True Longinus.
  • Afterword.

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