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Hexus is originally from in the Sunken Galaxy. after it had already infected the planet.The Kree Gestalt tried to destroy it, even going as far as wiping out the entire time line, but it couldn't be stopped and ended up being the only thing left. Not being able to kill it, the Kree captured it and contained it in their ship's Concept Dungeon, a place where dangerous ideas are kept from influencing and spreading into the outside world. 

Brand Hex clothes
Branding the planet
When the ship crashed on Earth-616, one of the men sent to raid its remains provided a way for Hexus to escape. The sentient idea hitched a ride on the man and didn't show up again until some time later. When Noh-Varr realized it was missing several weeks later, it was already dominating the financial landscape of planet Earth. It was hiring the brightest minds in the business, selling every kind of product imaginable, getting all kinds of people sporting its logo and had other well-established companies like AOL and Disney hiding in fear. Noh-Varr sprung into action quickly even without knowing how to beat it and found it just as it was celebrating a grand opening in Times Square. The celebration was more than Americans knew though, it was the beginning of something mysteriously called D2K1, which stood for Digital Koncentration Kamp 1, not that any humans knew. It had also branded the planet Earth, though humans thought the bioluminescent display that was visible from space was nothing more than a light show for the celebration. Noh-Varr knew it was a way to ward off other predators that might see the planet as easy pickings, so he geared up and went to battle against Hexus.

Mr. Greepy
Hexus was prepared though, and when Noh-Varr barged into its head offices it had an agent waiting. Mr. Greepy, the CEO of Brand Hex and the voice of Hexus was ready for Noh-Varr and when he came in the man blasted heat vision at Noh-Varr while the Kree worked on hacking into the company computers. The power source for the heat vision was his own body so Mr. Greepy died as soon as he finished the attack, but when he did, a newly created CEO came from another office and attacked. The new CEO blasted at Noh-Varr and died and then four more personnel came into the room. Noh-Varr couldn't keep avoiding the attacks and his work on the computers was done so he jumped out of the building.  While their fight was going on Hexus was buying NASA so it could initiate the next stage of its plan and spread throughout the universe. Though Noh-Varr had jumped out the window he hadn't left, and when he got the update from his ship that Hexus was planning on leaving he ran up the side of the building, jumped onto a helicopter and yelled out to Hexus what he had been doing on the computer. He revealed that since he couldn't physically destroy Hexus, he had to fight it like a business. He had copied all of Hexus' secret information, recruitment strategies, secret soda recipes, everything valuable to Brand Hex and had sent it to its competitors. The other companies used this information and beat out Brand Hex in every market. Hexus tried to kill Noh-Varr anyway but the Kree blasted Brand Hex headquarters with a cosmic bullet and blew it up. Over the next few hours normal companies finished taking everything Brand Hex had been and the living corporation finally died. 

Powers/Life Cycle


As a living parasitic idea, Hexus has no body of it's own, but that doesn't make it powerless. It fact, it makes it even more dangerous and it has even been classed as a planetary level emergency. Hexus grows by hiring employees and consuming rival corporations. It adapts to whatever its host planet thinks it wants and sells it to them while hypnotizing the populace with advertising that eventually turns everyone into an employee. These employees lose their free will and independent thought and when Hexus has grown enough they start building space ships so Hexus logo-spores can be spread to new planets. Once new worlds had been infected the original host world would be consumed by Hexus until no people or resources were left.

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