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Hexadecimal is the self proclaimed Queen of Chaos and the title suits her. She rules over the City of Lost Angles, the ruins of the twin city of the city known as Mainframe. She has an intense sibling rivalry with her brother Megabyte, which usually involves the two trying to destroy each other. Unlike Megabyte, who wants to rule Mainframe, Hexadecimal simply wants to have fun. But her fun always puts the people of Mainframe in danger.

In fact, her chaotic fun was more of a threat to Mainframe than Megabyte and his vast army ever were. She also has a crush on the Guardian known as Bob. In the earlier seasons, this was juggled between flirting with him and threatening him. However, her feelings developed to true love in the later seasons.


Hexadecimal and Megabyte used to be one being; a virus named Kilobyte, who had been captured by the Guardians and about to be deleted. However, Kilobyte escaped before he could be deleted. After fatally wounding a Guardian named Dixon Green, he absorbed energy and became the much more powerful being known as Gigabyte. But Gibabyte was shortly lived when a portal opened it and sent him to Mainframe.

The portal then split Gigabyte into Hexadecimal and Megabyte. Megabyte acquired brute strength and a cunning mind, while Hexadecimal acquired chaotic powers. She has a mind that seems to be part child and part adult, while wielding such incredible powers.

Powers and Abilities

Over the series, Hexadecimal has revealed a wide variety of powers. Flight, shoot energy blasts, manipulate gravity, extend her nails into claws, controlling the creatures called Nulls, and absorbing energy were just some of her powers. Also, when angry, her strength could equal to if not surpass Megabyte's own strength.

In the beginning, Hexadecimal couldn't move her face properly. She made facial expressions by constantly switching masks with a mere wave of her hand. Some time later, she was badly damaged and her mask was cracked. It caused her intense pain and increased her insanity. After Bob healed her, she was able to move her face normally.

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