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Acorn Service

After doing desk work for the acorn kingdom, she was hired to work in the Acorn Secret Service and soon met Geoffery St. John who she quickly fell in love with and soon wedded as a last wish before she was to be executed by Dr. Eggman, But right in the nick of time she and her husband was rescued by Sonic The Hedgehog before Eggman could kill them.


Geoffery and Hershey like each other.
Drago uses and abuses Hershey.

Hershey was dating Drago, a wolf, who was physically abusive of her. He tricked her into wearing a mask of Sonic that makes everyone you look at appear to be Snively. While wearing this mask, she cut a rope she THOUGHT Snively was climbing, but it was really Sally. Horrified at what she'd done, she furiously beat up Drago, and nearly killed him by throwing a rock at his head. Fortunately, the princess didn't die, and Hershey was forgiven for being Drago's dupe (Sonic #50). She was later recruited for the Secret Service, bringing to the team her computer skills. She later fell in love with and married Geoffery St. John.

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