There Will Be A Heroes Wrap-Up Show or Movie

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According to the Coventry Telegraph, Tim Kring has announced that he will announce something very special and Heroes related at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Heroes was canceled after the 4th season. There were a lot of stories left open because of this and fans clamor for more.
 "We all thought there was going to be another season - the truth is, we are still talking to the network about how to wrap up the show in some way for the fans, but no decision has been made about how we're going to do that." explained Kring. 
Coventry Telegraph states that there may be a big announcement at San Diego Comic Con relating to this. Whether or not there will be a brand new mini-series, feature film, or a 5th season is still debatable though. 
Many people would agree that a feature length film, most likely straight-to-DVD or television would be the best way to cap off the series. It doesn't just have to stop there though, as Kring explains. "The Heroes universe is a very deep one and it extends across all sorts of platforms, and in a world where there are any number of characters, there is a very deep cannon and mythology and it can very easily extend across multiple platforms - online, publishing, comic books, gaming and all that kind of stuff." So Kring may be looking outside of just television in order to keep this vast universe going. Aside from television, what would you guys like to see? Video games, novels, comics?
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Whoop di freakin do. At this point couldn't care less about heroes

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sounds good...if they cant renew it for any more seasons it would be great to continue it in comic books

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Kind of bored with that.

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hellz yea
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a 2 hour tv-movie wouldn't hurt, at least give some closure to all the folks that hung on till the end....which was yet again, a let down.  
what happens when claire reveals herself to the media? 
just how powerful was the ice/water woman and where is the 3rd triplet, Barbara, and what are her powers? 
i'd like to see it, but i do agree it was hard to watch as the plot got more and more convoluted with twist after twist.

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At lest  we get a ending.

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I still need to watch the last 2 seasons (waiting for dvd's) and would like a finale to look forward to. 
I think an RPG would be a great idea for Heroes, on-line or otherwise. 
OH, and a set for Hero-Clix would be awsome.
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No point of bringing it back. Whether it's in a different form, I don't care. The show already got screwed up.
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I'm really happy about this.
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Kring wants to bring closure to the, what, 50 fans of Heroes that defended it to the end?  Just let this trainwreck explode.  It had such promise after Season 1 but screwed everything up.

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Direct to DVD movies, TV show (obviously wont happen) or nothing, i dont follow them on line or anyother medium, maybe if they continued with webisodes i would watch

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A video game sounds stupid. They should make a bunch of Direct-To-DVD videos though, that would be cool.

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I never really followed the TV Series, but a lot of my friends did. I think a direct-to-DVD movie would be good for something like this. For myself though, I only really cared for the Trade Paperback. 

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5th season or miniseries. I don't want to see a movie but i do want to see SOMETHING
#15 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

i would be fine with a mini-series or a film but thats it. Anything else i dont care about.

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How is he going to announce this 

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I don't think that's what he will be announcing but if he did they could do what they did with Prison Break. Here's why I don't think you guys are right...

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That is good news.

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lol, but i guess there are too many of those now and they arent cheap.
but yeah, an episodic xbox DLC game would be cool, and i dont think id hate a cartoon... but all in all i would have to say a comic with the same feel as the Buffy/Angel "seasons" would feel the best.

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@HT101 said:
" Kring wants to bring closure to the, what, 50 fans of Heroes that defended it to the end?  Just let this trainwreck explode.  It had such promise after Season 1 but screwed everything up. "
thats how allot of people felt about Lost, a show that was obviously started with no real end in mind, and ended with a story that in no way required the middle Darma Time Travel" to exist. 
 These shows always get screwed out of proper stories with cast changes and network interference. The only real problem heroes had was that at the end of each season,eitehr someone left, or the network forced them to write in some new acquired actors contract. for all the convolusion, there where only two storylines that just faded away, and one of them was about Timetravel (and any comic read knows how that gets messed around with).
 there where allot of heroes fans out there, NBC just hates giving credit to the online/hulu viewers. They kicked Connan with the same excuse. Just like with Firefly and Angel and Dollhouse, SOMEONE seems to realize there will be a lot more pissed fans than their tv ratings numbers portray if they dont bring some closure to this story.
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I hate it when shows are cancelled without a proper, real ending. I didn't like how Heroes ended up ater season 1 , but I do care for the show and would like to see things resolved!
It would be cool to see the Heroes' characters crossover into other shows. Since Superhero tv shows are starting to become popular.

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I think after that last season, Heroes has just burnt too many bridges for me. That first season was so great & every thing afterwards was such trash, but I was fine with that so long as they left that original season alone. All the season 4 bullshit that went back & meddled with the events of the initial season just severed whatever interest I still had in that universe.

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A new heroes season would be amazing! an idea is Peter goes back in time and rescues Caitlin (BECAUSE HE NEVER DID!) Sylar didn't continue killing, Hiro went back in time to rescue Nathan from dying, Niki from exploding, and D.L. from being shot... AGAIN! Claire and Noah Bennet go into the company together, Nathan (once rescued) goes back to senator, Caitlin (once rescued) marries Peter, Hiro and Ando continue BOTH companies (Nakamura industries or something and Dial-a-hero), and Mohinder completes Chandra's work then fixes peter's power to absorb abilities AROUND him instead of on contact and only one at a time.

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