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Nearly all the heroes currently in the pocket universe have gathered in preparation to attempt the trip home. Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Dr. Doom make the final checks on the ark, while Captain America bids good-bye to his partner Bucky. Ashema, the Celestial in human form, reiterates that once the heroes return, the pocket universe will be obliterated and Franklin Richards will accompany her to the realm of the Celestials. As one, the heroes refuse to comply, and Ashema threatens the destruction of both universes. However, she looks into Franklin's pleading eyes, and relents, on the condition that all must leave the pocket universe and return to their native universe together.

Meanwhile, on another plane, Dr. Strange adds his magic to aid the return.

The heroes board Doom's ark and begin their journey by first shifting into the Microverse, then traversing the Negative Zone. Then, without warning, Dr. Doom, envious of the power within Franklin, abducts the boy, and leaves the ark for the void of the Negative Zone. However, Mr. Fantastic retrieves Franklin by stretching to take him from Doom's grasp, while Thor tackles the despot. Thor and Doom hurtle away from the ship while Iron Man pilots it through the barrier between the worlds. As they cross, those aboard the ark recall memories the didn't know they had lost.

Then the ark shatters, and its passengers are hurled in various directions. The Hulk and Banner merge, while the Fantastic Four and Franklin find themselves in parts unknown, but on Earth. Sue Richards witnesses a vision of Ashema, who agrees to allow Franklin to remain, and to leave the pocket universe intact.

In the far reaches of space, Ashema, in her true Celestial form, lies dreaming, maintaining the pocket universe, which now rests in the hand of Eternity.

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