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The thrilling conclusion to the Skrull organ story line pits the Heroes for Hire against Ricadonna’s cadre of villains and an army of the Corporation’s android assassins. Meanwhile, the recently fired Tarantula sets out to take revenge for the murder of her father by killing Ricadonna. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Ricadonna has undergone a physical transformation from crime lord to super-powered freak show!

The Heroes for Hire track Ricadonna to her lair where villains are being implanted with Skrull organs. The Heroes for Hire fight their way through a cavalcade of b-listers and robots while Misty and Tarantula try to take down Ricadonna. Ricadonna is clearly more powerful than Misty and an violent intervention by Tarantula saves her life. Ricadonna decides its best to leave and grows wings to fly off. Colleen crashes her into the Skrull organ machine before the team destroys the building. Ricadonna survives and now is completely green like the Skrulls. The Heroes for Hire offer their condolences to Tarantula who recently lost her father to Ricadonna's assassins and her sister to the Stamford explosion that started Civil War. Tony Stark outfits the team with a new and improved base. The issue ends with a kid coming into the Heroes for Hire headquarters with a jar full of coins saying that he needs to hire a hero.

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