omertalvendetta's Heroes for Hire #10 - Everything To Lose review

Good Stuff...

Apart from the obnoxious banner that I speak about every week, it's a pretty cool cover.  I find it kind of funny how they just show this random guy in the background to show that Elektra and Shroud are fighting at the Raft. 
The Good: 
Fear Itself, sadly, is what this comic needed to actually get somewhere.  I didn't know where else this series would go, but preoccupying the members of the Heroes For Hire team with all of the events happening with Fear Itself has allowed a slight bit more of character development and some very cool needed action.  The art was decent, except maybe Misty Knight. 
The Bad: 
However, after Fear Itself is over, I think that they are cancelling this series.  Nothing is official, but I haven't seen any solicits for October so I think that either #11 or #12 will be the final issue.  I can't say I didn't see this coming seeing as this series has been very bumpy and has left many a reader disappointed.  This issue, in particular, wasn't terrible, but it was still not as impactful as other tie-ins have been. 
If you haven't been picking this series up, you aren't really missing much.  Just a place for c-list characters (except maybe Elektra?) to be showcased and allowed some character development rather than have them sitting in comic book limbo.  Selling a book on Misty Knight and Paladin is tough though and it shows.  We need more recurring themes and some sort of roster for this series to carry on, if cancellation isn't already imminent. 

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