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When Superman is flying up, up and away, or Batman just isn't answering the Bat-signal, all anyone needs to do to find a substitute super hero is dial 1-800-555-HERO. The Hero Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles calamities beyond the range of normal emergency services. The hotline, founded by Tex Thompson, is maintained by the mysterious Co-ordinator. After hours, emergencies are handled by the night crew, including Chlorino, Marie the Psychic Turtle, Rainbow Man, Thunderhead, and Zeep the living sponge. Other Her Hotline employees include; Stretch, Dinky the Devil-Bat, Mr Muscle, Private Eyes, Microwave Mum (Micorwavabelle), Hotshot, Voiceover and Diamondette.

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