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The issue begins with Luke Cage rescuing three trapped construction workers from the rubble of a demolished building. A quick cut-away to Seagate Prison shows that Luke Cage's former cell mates, Comanche and Shades, have just escaped and are looking for vengeance against an abusive prison guard - Rackham. Rackham is the same guard that tried to kill Cage and upped the electric voltage during the experiment that gave Luke Cage his powers. Rackham was fired for brutality. The scene cuts to New York City and an unemployed Rackham is searching for a job at the Daily Bugle. He puts an ad for work wanted and leaves but Phil Fox, the reporter in possession of Dr. Noah Burstein's diary of experiments, recognizes Rackham's name and chases after him. Meanwhile Luke Cage is visited in his apartment by Mrs. Jenks. As Luke tells her he is not interested her date from earlier in the evening burst through the door. The date is Big Ben Donovan. Rackham and Fox are drinking vodka in an apartment as Fox tries to get the rest of Cage's story from Rackham. Rackham suspects Fox's motives and confronts him. The two decide to blackmail Cage - even though Fox tried the same tactic earlier and failed. Rackham decides they need to kidnap Cage's girlfriend Claire Temple to increase their odds of success. Cage eventually subdues Big Ben who pledges his support to Cage out of respect to the righteous beat down Cage just dealt him. Comanche and Shades find Rackham's ad in the Bugle and decide to pay him a visit. Rackham is back in his apartment having taken Claire Temple hostage - however, it was not Claire Temple but rather Mrs. Jenks. Rackham saw Mrs. Jenks leave Cage's apartment and assumed she was Luke's girlfriend. Rackham begins to beat Jenks in a rage. The apartment that Rackham and Fox took Mrs. Jenks to was Luke's 83rd apartment. Claire Temple approaches the apartment to hear the sounds of a scuffle. Fox tried to stop Rackham from beating Mrs. Jenks. The issue ends with a gunshot - Claire bursts into the apartment. Rackham is no where to be seen and Phil Fox is lying dead on the floor. Claire picks up the revolver just as the police burst in and arrest her for murder!

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