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Hermes is the god of traveling and delivering messages of the Olympian Gods. He is the son of Zeus. Hermes has the job of carrying the dead to the Underworld. He is able to enter the Greek Underworld whenever he pleases and can take people with him. He is also able to speed up a person's approach to death and see how close to death they are.Like all Olympians he is truly immortal and possesses a degree of superhuman strength, durability and stamina. He is the fastest of Greek Gods.


n the pre-crisis universe of earth 1, the god usually went by the name of Mercury. As Hermes he once stole Wonder Womans bracelets of submission fo the war god Mars. He later appeared to Wonder Woman to ask for her help against the forces of the Anti-Monitor, which was attacking Mount Olympus. He appeared to her when she was in her Diana Prince persona, revealing who she reallywas to Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Keith Griggs.

In the post-crisis universe, he is for the creation of Amazons, to lead mankind in the glory of the Gods. Later still he sided with the goddessess in bringing to life Princess Diana, daughter of Hippolyte from clay. He added his own blessing and gift to the young Princess and bestowed on her speed and the ability to fly.

After Diana won the contest and became Wonder Woman, the warrior chosen to defeat the mad war god Ares, Hermes transported her to Ares long forgotten realm and arranged the meeting with the war gods daughter Harmonia. He then took Diana to mans world and left her with her soon to be mentor Julia Kapatelis. He never lost his confidence in her and brought the blessings to the other gods when Diana defeated Ares.

While Wonder Woman was on her Challenge of the Gods, Hermes learnt that his son, the goat god Pan, had long been dead and replaced by the alien Manhunters. He sent Diana, to avenge his son and kill the Manhunter that now impersonated Pan. Although they were different, Hermes did mourn the loss of his son. Hermes was then wounded and captured as Darkseid began his assault on Mount Olympus, in an attempt to destroy the gods. Little did the villian know that the gods were off the Mount at a godly meeting leaving only Hermes alone to battle the invading hordes. He summoned Wonder Woman, who with Superman, arrived and drove back Darkseid. When the Gods returned, Hermes was left frustrated and angry when Zeus announced that the gods would depart the Earthly plane and start Cosmic Migration. It didnt help that Hermes believed his brother Gods were ignoring their warrior, Wonder Woman. Even as Diana was attacked by Circe. Although defeated, Hermes decided to intervene and save Diana from the sorceress. He transported Circe to Limbo in an attempt to nullify her powers and the threat she posed. The godssubsequently informed the Amazons of their intention and at this Hermes abondoned all pretense of impartiality and angrily expressed his believe that it was an act of desertion on the Gods part. While the Gods left, Hermes stayed behind.

He transported himself to Boston, where Wonder Woman was staying with her mentor. He insisted on being called Lord Hermes and started soliciting new worshipers. Offering gold and wealth to any and all that would worship him. Julia Kapatelis objected to the immoral way Hermes went about this, and Hermes angry that a mortal should speak to him so, insisted that Wonder Woman leave her and act as his emissary. The god Phobos and the Gorgon Euryale took advantage of Hermes arrogance and duped him into directing his power into the ancient evil murderer Ixion. Ixion went on a rampage of Boston, only stopped by Wonder Woman, who destroyed the creature. But the damage had been done and the citizens of Boston turned from Hermes. And even Diana, turned on him and lectured him on his behavior. The humbled god used up alot of his energies in restoring the destroyed city.

Seeking to repower, Hermes went to his temple, that he had erected when he first came to earth, and tried to absorb its power back into himself. There the god was contacted by the earth goddess Gaea, who wanted the second Girdle of Gaea recovered from the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall in Egypt. Its power awakened by its proximity to its twin, know reshaped into Wonder Womans lasso of truth. With Diana, Hermes was able to defeat the Amazons and get the lost artifact. Destroying the Amazon city in the process.

It was after this episode that Hermes found that his power was so diminished that he was now truely mortal and could be wounded and bleed. When Diana wanted him to transport the delegates to Themyscira for the peace talks, he couldn't. Instead giving Diana his caduceus so she could do it herself. Noting Hermes weakened state, Diana returned his staff and its power to him.

The god was then defeated again in battle when his Roman avatar Mercury appeared, stole his identity. Humiliated by this Hermes avoided Diana, leaving an opening for the villian, Dr Psycho to exploit. Turning Dian and Hermes against one another. This was one of the first strikes from the War of the Gods which struck when the Roman Gods attacked the newly returned Olympians. The War was orchestrated by the witch Circe to destroy creation and rebuild it in her own image.

Hermes would not admit it but he had fallen in love with Diana and in an attempt to help her and make up for his past transgressions, he pitted himself against Circe. Transporting her once again into Limbo as he had before. Hoping that it would nullif her threat again. But the witch's power was greater than his and he was killed in battle with her.

Hermes was consigned to Hades after this and spent years there until his half sister Athena rose to power and took over Olympus from their father Zeus. Sending Wonder Woman into Hades to retrieve the god and return him to Olympus.


In Persona 3 Hermes is the persona of Junpei Iori.

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