We want Hercules back in Marvel NOW

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Not only was his character awesome, fun and entertaining his presence in comic was also exploring mystical side of Marvel universe !

Come on Marvel you have X amount of Thor ongoings, comic about child version of good guy Loki and all of them are awful give us Hercules back !

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Aye! Verily!

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i miss him :(

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I have just been scanning through this forum, where is he? Herc is great, I actually prefer the 70s/80s version to the Thor who was around at the time who always irritated me!!

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Honestly I have only seen or read about him in the Civil War arc but I liked what I saw from him. Plus I would like to see him and Thor team up again. So I am in favor of this.

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Hercules will be appearing in the "Secret Wars 2099" mini-series this summer as part of the Avengers 2099 team that fights Korvac in the future.

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Praise Zeus?

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We may as well praise Zeus. He had as much to do with it as any other God.

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