Least favorite/worst Hercules story

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What is your least favorite story done by Marvel that has featured Hercules as a major character? It can be either one from a mini series he has starred in, an team-up story that was focused on him or he plays a key role aside from the muscle. The time Pluto tried to force Hercules to replace him or the Avengers story where Zeus created Tylor Madison are possibilities of the latter.

For me, the worst Hercules story is Chaos War. It was Hercules's moment in the spotlight...an event centered around him which not even Thor has had, and a chance to prove to everyone that he is more than a second-string Thor or joke character. What we ended up with was Hercules the Fool who blundered his way to victory by others guiding him by the hand lacking the wisdom to be worthy of the power he had been given and if anything reaffirming the early negative views. This takes the place as the worst Hercules story because it has the most potential to raise his stock, but lowered it to beneath what it was before.

Thoughts? Other views?

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The entire "Herc" ongoing is my least favorite Hercules story.

Hercules as a street-level hero sucked as a concept and sucked in application.

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