Incredible Hercules or Incredible Hulk?

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I was about to upload issue 113. I noticed this time the indica (teeny tiny print) actually says Incredible Hercules 113. Before it still said Hulk even though the cover said Hercules written over it. So the question is, should there just be a new volume under Incredible Hercules? Other volumes (Captain America, Thor, Uncanny X-Men, etc) have started at a number other than 1. I don't know if Hulk will return here or just stay in (red) HULK.

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I would say it's a new volume. Just like New X-Men 114

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I think the Herc deserves his own title. He's a diverse character (part god, part human). I think the right writer could develope him into a major player.

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Any other opinions?

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It turns out the "Incredible Hulk" 's last issue (this time) was #112.   
The title then became, and remained, "Incredible Hercules " at #113 thru #141 (29 issues).   
Hercules had his own on-going series/title for about a year and half, but it's over now.

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