How skilled is Hercules with his mace?

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Hercules is most famous for his h2h abilities. Sometimes he uses a mace, but even when it seems it would be most useful like in battle with Thor he tends to not use it or throw it away. To me this indicates that overall he is more skilled with h2h. He uses it so rarely that to a degree one would think he would be uncomfortable with it since he does not use it much. How skilled would you say Hercules is with it? Do you think in some ways it is more of a hindrance to him than a help and that is why he does not use it more?

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According to Greek mythology and as has been referenced recently in his own book, Herc is actually a master of all forms of (ancient) weaponry, more or less. He was trained as a child by the centaur Chiron in all forms of combat and weaponry skills. Archery was what he particular excelled at. So in his hands any weapon is dangerous. The primary advantage of a mace in battle is either as a club, or else to block sharp objects like swords or axes. Since his mace is not enchanted to return to his hand when thrown (like Mjolner) it is of very limited usefullness in such a conflict, which Herc would intuitively understand.

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I'd say he's a master of his mace on par with his hand-to-hand skills but he usually prefers not to use any weapon, including his mace.

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As skilled as it is possible to immortal god to be

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I would say he is more of a warrior of opportunity. Meaning he will use anything handy as a weapon. But he is more skilled in bow and hand to hand I believe. I could be wrong though.

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@gravitypress: I think you're right when you state Herc is more skilled in H2H and with his bow, though is stands to reason he's very highly skilled in use of his mace considering a club was one of his weapons of choice when he was ridding the world of all manner of monsters in ancient Greece.

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@PowerHerc: Actually that his bow would be a good way to update him a little for the younger generations that want their heroes to be able to do everything.

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@gravitypress: His bow is probably way more marketable than his club, for what that's worth.

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