Hercules with the Power Cosmic

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What if Hercules was asked to become a herald of Galactus even though Galactus said he will never make a herald as powerful as the Silver Surfer but what if he forgot (impossible), how powerful would Hercules be? With himslef already being one of the most powerful superheroes how powerful would he be with the Power Cosmic?

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very nice...

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Slightly less powerful than Thor was as a herald I imagine.

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Slinger said:
"Slightly less powerful than Thor was as a herald I imagine."
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Imagin Goku plus Superman plus Thor plus Silver Surfer

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Absolute unstoppable physically strongest being in  any universe, not to mention his other abilities typical of a Herald of Galactus.  Galactus would probably have to give Herc a lot of time off between finding suitable-for-consumption-planets so he could party and romance so many ladies it would put Captain Kirk to shame.  Nobody short of a very high-level cosmic entity would be able to give Herc any challenge and only a limited few would pose any threat. 

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