Durability of Hercules

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How much damage can he take before he will be unable to fight ?

I mean Hercules tanked blows which could and have ripped walls of Adamantine

He withstood eyebeam witch had overpowered and killed Ajak and melted Adamantine

He took direct hit of Thunderbolt of Zeus and survived unharmed

Here He Is After That Hit
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Hercules was born a half-mortal, half-immortal demigod son of Zeus; making him automatically more durable than any normal mortal. Shortly after his birth, Hercules was made nearly invulnerable when he suckled at Hera's (Queen of the Olympian Gods) breast.

His durability was further augmented by Zeus when he raised Hercules to full godhood.

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe has stated, in several of it's many editions, that Hercules more durable than any other Olympian God except Zeus and possibly Neptune and Pluto. Being an Olympian God adds to his durability by also giving him the ability to heal at a highly accelerated/superhuman rate of speed.

He has withstood blows from Thor's hammer, a supremely enraged Hulk, Zeus and his thunderbolts, Kly'Bn's blasts and blows (as shown above) and many more highly destructive, devastating forces..

Hercules' durability coupled with his godly ability to heal makes him practically invulnerable, though not indestructible.

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