Blog that analyzes Hulk vs Hercules

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Now that write up is what I consider a "BANG!!"

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Though I don't agree with everything stated in this write-up and would actually dispute some things in it and would point out some things that were omitted from certain battle recaps - overall I think this was a pretty fair write-up with only a slight bias towards the Hulk. It was worth reading and did a good job of listing the motivations of Hercules and the Hulk and also the many meetings between the two powerhouses.

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I agree that there are somethings that one can question. One can do that in just about any write-up. But for a hulk fan I think it is pretty fair. He is one of the few to actively mention things like the circumstances of a battle or Hercules's mortality and requires a straight up victory. Too many just list who wins or has the advantage no matter what.

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@seekquaze: He did do a good job of researching their fights and he did try, and managed most of the time, to be fair while treating Hercules with respect.

That's why I liked it.

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I'm curious, what don't you agree on?

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@Mego_Stretch_Hulk: There are only a few things. They are:

1.) Of the many scans that are provided a the top of the article, 7 show the Hulk having an advantage while only three show Hercules with the advantage (the rest are neutral). This seems to show the Hulk in a more favorable light than Hercules right from the start in what is presented as an unbiased write-up.

2.) I disagree with the part where it is stated that Hercules never took into account the presence of innocent bystanders nearby. I think Hercules, despite his recklessness, is a true hero who was usually quite aware of innocent bystanders and did his part to keep them from being harmed. Never is not correct.

3.) In "Hulk" #316 the Jade Giant battles four Avengers. He starts against Iron Man and Wonder Man at the same time and is kicking their tales until Hercules and the Sub-Mariner arrive. Namor doesn't prove to have any more luck than Iron Man or Wonder Man, but Hercules lands a great shot, better than any of the others did, against the Hulk before he and the Hulk close in personal one-on-one battle for an extended period during which neither combatant is able to seize an advantage. None of the other Avengers fought the Hulk one-on-one, here and it is a fact that Hercules not only did just that, he did it without having to be "amped up," or "bloodlusted"and he did it for some time.In the end, for this particular battle between Hercules and the Hulk, Hercules landed the only effective blow and effortlessly fought the Hulk who was in a state of total rage. This, to me, might earn Hercules the EDGE in this battle, though the author of the blog states a temptation to give the win to the Hulk because Hercules leaves his one-on-one fight to aid his fellow Avengers (which should never have happened and is a great example of 'plot induced stupidity' by author John Byrne.) Though I would give Hercules the EDGE, I do agree that it is a DRAW as there was no clear winner in this fight.

4.) In "Hulk" #107 it is stated that the Hulk was "really putting it on Hercules before he supposedly stopped fighting back" and that the Hulk "truly pummeled Hercules showing his power over him." I, and I believe anyone who is being objective, have to disagree. The Hulk attacked Cho causing Hercules to jump in and block a blow that would have killed the boy. The Hulk then begins striking Hercules who doesn't fight back. The other heroes (Revengers) enter the fray and are easily dispersed by a thunder-clap from the Hulk. It is only then that Hercules strikes the Hulk, which he does to protect his teammates. Hercules does tell the Hulk "No more." several times while the Hulk mercilessly strikes him again and again. Hercules makes no attempt to avoid or block these blows and doesn't strike back, either. This wasn't a fight. It was Hercules protecting his teammates and the Hulk lashing out. I would give the Hulk the edge, but stating this 'truly showed the Hulk's power over the Olympian' is false as is using the words 'supposedly stopped fighting back' because Hercules only struck once and that one time was only an attempt to protect his teammates and to stop the fighting. Because Hercules didn't actually fight the Hulk in this instance, I would call the result of this one: NONE, which would take away one of the Hulk's wins.

5.) In "Hulk vs Hercules: When Titans Collide" Hercules fights the mindless Hulk who'd been exiled to the Crossroads by Dr. Strange in "Hulk" #300 after an epic battle with Thor. This battle clearly shows Hercules landing the more effective blows and that he also has the clear advantage over the Hulk at the time of Ares arrival and the subsequent end of the battle (the Hulk is down and blinded by dust from a pillar that had been ground into powder during the fight). This version of the Hulk is one of the mightiest ever incarnations of the character. Despite this, Hercules easily contended with him in terms of strength and durability while outclassing him in terms of fighting skill. This one is called a DRAW in the blog, and it should be, but I would give the EDGE to Hercules.

6.) As a final point: I wouldn't give Hercules the WIN over the Hulk in "Hulk" #322 because it was not a one-on-one fight and the Hulk fell before the combined might of both the East Coast and West Coast Avengers. I'd have to call this a "NO CONTEST."

So it's my opinion that Hercules should've been given the EDGE in two of the battles, but he wasn't, and that one of the Hulk's wins shouldn't count and that one of Hercules' wins shouldn't count either. By my count, this would leave the final tally at: Hulk - 1 win, Hercules - 0 wins.

Once again, aside from my above stated items, I really did enjoy the write-up and am glad somebody took the time to do it.

P.S. Here's an image you may like:

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LOL. This is hilarious.

Thanks for the critique.

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I was funny, huh?

Wasn't meant to be, but hey what the heck.

You're welcome for the critique.

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Always a legendary match up!

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I had seen this forum a couple of weeks ago and wanted to respond but had difficulties getting into my account, sorry about it being a little late. I have to agree with PowerHerc at least on his view on Hulk 107. Not only was that a non-fight, but at no point in that fight did Hulk demonstrate any sort of superiority to Herc other than that he could lay a beating on him when he doesn't move or fight back. In fact, that match up, if anything had the opposite effect. Hercules proved that he could lay the Hulk out with one blow. Hulk proved that he could bloody Hercules so long as he did not move or block his attacks, but even doing so, could not get Herc off his feet. No winner on this one, but if anyone was going to get an edge, it should be Herc.

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@Enyalios: Thanks for agreeing.

Did you read "Hulk vs Hercules: Smash of the Titans"?

In that story Hercules was never on the ropes and in fact he had the Hulk down and blinded when their fight came to an end.

It was clearly a battle in which Hercules deserved at least the "EDGE" or possibly the "WIN."

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I saw this link and these posts a while back and even posted the link and commented on the CBR boards. I agree with much of what PowerHerc stated. My comic reading doesn't go back as far as others, but from what I have either read or know about those comics in question, Herc definitely had the Edge or at least draw in some of the Hulk edged issues.

I do fully agree that Hulk 107 is more toward Herc than Hulk in that Herc took the blows and not because he couldn't fight back, he chose not to, to allow Hulk to vent and to show him that he has allies. To withstand the blows and get up at the end ready to help Hulk, shows Herc has more power and strength than Hulk.

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Uh oh.

I think Mego_Stretch_Hulk may have just shot himself.

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PowerHerc is the most level headed person on this site.

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@TheAcidSkull: @gravitypress:

Thank you.

I'm truly humbled by your kindness. :)

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@PowerHerc: Just stay sane so we can have an Anchor. lol

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I do try to take reasonable opinions into account.

Even so, I myself am at times less than reasonable, but I do try to be fair. I do try.

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@gravitypress said:

@PowerHerc: Just stay sane so we can have an Anchor. lol

Lol !

That I can, and will, do! :D

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@TheAcidSkull said:

i can get mad too you know, when dealing with fanboys and stubborn people

It is hard not to, sometimes.

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@TheAcidSkull: It sure is sometimes. Good analogy.

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You're welcome!

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