spankymac314's Herc #4 - All Versus All review

They're losing me....

I'll be up front about this: I HATE HATE HATE "tearing down the hero" stories, and sadly, that's exactly what this tie-in arc is. After exactly one issue of Herc being the celebrated hero, we're tearing him down and having normal people assault him in the street. I hate this kind of writing. I don't really care what the explanation is, magic, fear, etc..., I just know that I can't stand to read these kinds of stories, because it requires the people that AREN'T the hero to take insane leaps in logic in order to vilify him, and it's annoying to read. That said, this issue was better than most issues in this vein. Herc's still entertaining, and, while it's a bit inexplicable, Griffon's going feral makes for a pretty neat little plot device. The son of Ares and Hecate are interesting villains, I just wish we'd gotten a little more build-up to them appearing. This whole arc feels a bit rushed to me, I guess. The art's still slick and awesome, and, like I said, Herc's still very charming and entertaining in his own heroic idiom. This arc just isn't resonating with me like it should, and I realize it's not a fault with the writing, just my own personal tastes. I just cannot stand this kind of story. I really enjoyed the first two issues when we had street level Herc taking on street level villains. Now we have street level Herc taking on demi-gods. It's just a bit of a leap. Hopefully, it gets resolved in a satisfying manner.

Posted by longbowhunter

Good review. I loved the first two issues of Herc, but was underwhelmed by #3. I've yet to read this, good to know what to expect.
Posted by Trodorne

Good review, i did not know what to expect in terms of how this was going to go. but now i know. and thanks for that.

Posted by spankymac314

To encapsulate my problems with this issue, let me cite two examples, during one seemingly random moment in the book, Hercules, the PRINCE OF POWER(remember that, it'll be important in a second) tries to stop some sort of bizarre neighbor dispute in the middle of a clear New York crisis, and gets knifed, no lie, by a little girl who can't have been older than 7. This is Hercules. Granted, a depowered Hercules, but he still should have been able to handle a little girl with a knife. And then, immediately afterwards, he goes to the restaurant that had been his home base where George Michael, who, up till this point, had treated Herc as something of a long lost son, immediately and without reason turns on Herc, blasting him with a shotgun. The whole issue just doesn't make any sense.

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