ironherc's Herc #3 - Fear Itself review

Do you fear....Hercules? if you are bad guy of course!!!

Tie-in to fear itself?........i think it is, i mean.....the logo of the event is on top and it must be........anyways! let's dive in into another cool issue of herc!

The good (notice that its almost the whole review here...since the comic is just that awesome)
We get to see herc being called to listen to the needs of the people of Brooklyn of their problems and how those evils "will taste his steel, till of course this just gets on his nerves once a dumb racist insults our hero's race and kicks him out before probably giving him the same taste of owning like some other goblin who got his butt kicked last issue in some construction site....oh! he also gets a brand new uniform from some very nice people which looks much better than his current one (love the lion shoulder guard) and of course he asks about the belt pouches (hoho!!! seems like someone remembers the 90's no so fondly).
Meanwhile four baddies who escaped the raft after the shattering events of fear itself 2 where with one swing of the his hammer, juggernaut destroyed most of the damn thing. We see this mythological beast based villains (man-bull, basilisk, griffin and some girl who doesn't remember who she is) attacking a bank as they easily go through the defenses! When griffin opened the vault thanks to the girl who used some power to get the access code from now a dead manager, they are caught by surprise when Hercules! showing off his new uniform defeats his first enemy with a stab of his sword that reveals to us that can cut through molecules and even avoid hurting things he doesn't want to! (now that's a very cool weapon to have! you can slash your opponent as much as you want and still not kill him! very convenient weapon for hero) and of course like last time, he goes around and owns everyone with no problem.....seriously! this guy is truly the one man avenger! and he doesn't need to think he is other avengers like some other awesome yet not as awesome hero (please don't kill me moon knight fans...i really want to keep on living so i can read this series more....please?)
Seeing that Hercules is too much for him (lucky him....he didn't get a taste of whose thy daddy now move but i guess scaring the hell out of him with the whole stabby thing by a very convenient sword was good enough)  griffin just takes some cash and leaves to Mexico, me hoping he stops by Tijuana first to get some delicious carne asada tacos from a taco stand (I lived in tijuana for many years so i know taco stands are one of the few things that city still hasn't ruined since--oh sorry! i almost forgot i was reviewing something awesome so lets get back to it) He is stopped by Kyknos who doesn't like the idea of him passing through his territory so Herc as the hero he is jumps to stop griffin's execution and stabs kyknos on the leg. But if you've read at least a marvel book before this, you will probably know that in that the marvel universe's civilians are assholes and they don't like the idea of a hero stopping some creepy horned guy who is about to kill a creepy winged lion guy. But they quickly notice that something is wrong with the people as they seem to be outraged by the presence of Hercules as it seems the fear spread by the serpent (the main baddy from fear itself) i believe has reached them and awakens the weird girl who turns out to be Hecate! the evil mistress of terror and witchcraft! and comes with three faces as well....another creepy person added to the mix yet effective.

The Bad:
This issue doesn't have much of fear itself but we all know the truth of why.....hercules doesn't fear fear itself!! FEAR ITSELF FEARS HERCULES!!! if that makes any sense that yeah! nothing wrong with this issue

Verdict: 4.5/5
I recommend getting the other 2 previous issues if you haven't gotten this tittle yet since this thing is just awesome! and i can feel it's just getting started!


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