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Fear Itself in name only...

I don't really see what this has to do with the overall Fear Itself story. They mentioned that Herc would have to fight his "greatest fear", but that was about it. That said, though, it's a decent story, even if I think it's a dropoff from the first two issues. I think the problem is, the villains for this issue don't even come CLOSE to approaching the charisma of Hobgoblin. I hate to say it, but that detracts from the issue. Herc's also got a new costume. I like it, personally, but I can see it being off-putting to other long time Herc fans. The art continues to be spectacular, and it's great to see it so consistent. Overall, the story of Hercules searching for his worshipers is a very slow boil, as it should be, although the villain introduced at the end of this issue appears to have potential. Overall, this is a step down from the first two issues, but still damn good. Not a great place for new readers to jump on either, but since there's only been the three issues, it should be easy enough to go back and figure out what you've missed. Overall, four out of five.

Posted by longbowhunter

I agree with you this was a step down. I did really like Herc fielding the locals complaints with "...will taste my steel".
Posted by Hit_Monkey

I agree it didn't have the punch of the first two but it's still marvel's best street level book. A really fun read with some quite funny moments.

Posted by spankymac314

I dunno, I think Heroes for Hire gives it a pretty decent run for it's money, but it's really neck and neck. And I think the reason it was a step down, honestly, was because the first two issues had Hobgoblin, who was hilarious, as the villain, while this had a bunch of mythological stand-ins without half his charm.

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