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Early life

 Herbert was into the Vaucanson family of nobles. He had a relatively normal childhood, and a strong bond with his father.  
That was until little  Herbert was sent to school. Herbert suffered through allot of abuse from the school's staff, both emotional and physical. This eventually proved too much for the child, when in an outburst of build-up rage and frustration killed a teacher. 
He was punished according to the old Vaucanson tradition - a fight to the death with the head of the  Vaucanson family. Herbert's father.  
Despite his stern exterior, Herbert's father held back and lost on purpose, which lead ho him ending-up crippled. Herbert refused to deal the final blow, and therefore was banished from the family's land.  
Not much is known about Herbert's life afterwards, except that he eventually ended-up working in the Dungeon  

In the Dungeon's services

Herbert spent an unknown amount of time as a lowly, and often overlooked employee of the Dungeon.   
That changed when he was tasked with the finding and bringing of the legendary barbarian warrior Ababakar Octopuse. Herbert manages to find the barbarian in the heat of battle, but when attempting to approach him, he distracts Ababakar and allows his opponent to land the fatal blow.  
The duck man panics, and in an attempt to hide his failure assumes the barbarian's identity, which includes taking his sword.  
His act proves to be successful, as the Dungeon Master tasks him with an important mission. He shall find and slay a group of hooded men who threaten the dungeon.  
In order to assure his loyalty, the Dungeon Master has Herbert's heart ripped-out by the necromancer Horous, promising to return it once the quest is completed.   
Frightened and confused, Herbert exits the dungeon only to be immediately ambushed by one of the hooded figures. He attempts to defend himself with the barbarian's sword, but he's denied it's usage. The sword turns out to be the Sword of Destiny, which can be only used by the worthy. The sword tells him that only after preforming three great deeds can he use it's blade. Until then it'll remain bonded to him, and denies him the use of any other weapon.  
Herbert is quickly defeated and captured by the hooded man.    
Upon being brought into their lair, the hooded men are revealed to be the Degusters of Souls, a race on floating tentacle monsters feeding on the souls of the dead, who are attracted to the dungeon due to the large amount of damned souls trapped in it's confines. Realizing they have no use for the duck man, they decide to spank him to death for their own amusement.  
Herbert's lifeless body is discovered the next day by the Dungeon Keeper's right hand man Marvin. Upon further investigation, he discovers that Herbert is in fact alive. When Herbert fainted at the Degusters' hideout, they mistakenly believed him to be dead due to his lack of heartbeat (not knowing that his heart was being kept in the dungeon).  
Herbert attempts to keep-up his act, but the Sword of Destiny, sensing that Marvin would be a worthy owner, gives away Herbert's true identity and demands Marvin to kill him and take it as his own. Marvin instead just demands that Herbert finishes his mission, no matter the cost. Herbert returns to the Degusters' lair, and is immediately confronted by Cousu and Sale, the Degusters' undead minions. The duck is immediately overwhelmed, but as the duo attempted to disarm him, the Sword of Destiny summoned one of it's past wielders - a defense mechanism that activates every time someone besides it's owner tries to wield it. A ancient warrior defeats the two, and Herbert turns back into himself again.  
With the guards out of his way, Herbert attempts to truck the Degusters by having himself and Marvin disguised as interior designers, but the impatient dragon just savagely attacks them. After a battle of epic proportions Marvin is knocked-out, and ends-up captured along with Herbert.  
The two find themselves held in the kitchen by the undead duo of Cousu and Sale, who intend to eat them. They however leave to attend to other businesses, a opportunity Marvin uses to escape form his bonds and rescue Herbert. 

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