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A brilliant, but hateful, geneticist whose life work involved researching a way to destroy the mutant gene, and all mutants in the process. He made contact with the fluid that was supposed to kill mutants but he was transformed into stonehided creature with super strength. As he was Beast's friend in the past, Beast promised to turn him back to human.

In Other Media

Herbert Landon made frequent appearances in the Spider-Man:The Animated Series, debuting in "The Mutant Agenda". In the show he is a former colleague of the now X-Man Hank McCoy, taking over his former colleague's search for a cure for mutancy. He quickly forms an alliance with the criminal mastermind the Kingpin, promising him an army of engineered mutants for his various criminal uses, although he never intended to fulfill his end of the bargain.His true motives lay in not just curing mutants but their complete destruction. Following the capture of his former colleague Hank McCoy he intends to destroy his former friend as his first test subject, but interference from Hobgoblin, Spider-Man and Wolverine foils his plans and results in his fall into the mutant destroying formula.However this has the unexpected result of transforming monster that feeds on electricity and begins a rampage through out the city.However he was quickly stopped by Spider-Man and the X-Men, but was left with half his body remaining mutated with a green hue and claw like hand and foot. Following this, he went to work for the Kingpin and filled the scientific void left by Alistair Smythe.

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