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Known as Henya the Flighted, it is unknown when shishio recruited him but he was present in the battle of Aoi-Ya. Their he attacked the Kyoto secret headquarters of the Oniwabanshū, aided by with four other Juppongatana members.   
His opponent once their is Yahiko, the young boy who studies kaiya Kashin sword style. Henya fails to take the boy seriously and slashes him numerous times while using his explosives to great effect. However when Yahiko uses and airborne door to rise above him, he is caught completley off guard and is defeated in one blow.
After Shishio's defeat he is recruited by the government as a spy because of his aviation abilities.


His battle technique is called Hiku Happa, in which he uses dynamite to lift himself into the air and once in flight he can attack from above. He can descend to attack the opponent with a blade fixed on his arm and then blow himself back into the air. 
He achieves the power of flight because he is very emaciated, thus he is so light that the constant uplift from his explosions easily keeps him in the air. Combined with this is a cape which allows him to control his movement while airborn. 

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