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Character History

Partners in Crime
Cannon started out in New York City (N.Y.C.) as the lead assassin for one of two main crime bosses.  He ended up becoming a professional and romantic partner with Saber.  Saber held the same position as Cannon but for the opposing N.Y.C. crime boss.  The two of them ended up involved in a shift of power as they killed the opposing assassins boss to create a vacuum for a new power to take over.  That power in Marcia King who is also the N.Y.C. District Attorney (D.A.)
It is because of their connection to the D.A. that they allowed themselves to go into the justice system for their crime knowing the D.A. would let them off.  Marcia held up her part of the bargain as they were released on bail.  It is at this time that Vigilante finds Cannon and Saber and gets stabbed and shot by them and almost dies from their wounds.  When the police find them they discover all three wounded.  No one knows what happened to Canon and Saber including Vigilante who was going to be executed.
Canon and Saber were sent to the hospital where they escaped when Cannon through a plastic butter knife at Captain Arthur Hall and cut his throat. 
Canon and Saber have been seen at The House, Roulette's club for criminals. 

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