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Henrietta Rose is a nurse who was abducted by grey aliens. While aboard their ship she met Stan Lee, who was also abducted. The aliens returned and sent Stan back home, but took Henrietta in for their experiments. The Silver Surfer arrived to help her. It was her words that gave the Surfer the strength to defeat the aliens, who were actually some kind of consciousness. He saved her and sent her back to Earth, but the testing the alien did left her without her sight.

Upon return to Earth she spent a brief time in a mental institution from the experience. She then moved in with her daughter Justice and her husband, Richard. She still had dreams of the end of the world and of the Silver Surfer. 
The aliens again returned and it was revealed that they were known as the Other. They put Henrietta into a form of coma. The Silver Surfer was nearby and somehow recognized the energy signature he was feeling. He managed to expel the aliens from Henrietta. He did not remember meeting her, but she remembered him.
With her help, the Surfer was able to learn the nature of his foes, who had been blocking his memories and he went off to face them.
After these events, Justice was relieved to know that her mother was not crazy and these events actually happened.

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