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Hemo-Boy is the son of a human and sentient blood, who had disguised herself as a peasant girl.


In October 1984, Michael T. Gilbert was visiting Bruce Simon who had published a line of photo-montage cards. One card was titled "That's my Hemo boy". It was a spoof of the 1940 Borden's milk product called Hemo that included a health additive (some sort of vitamin that supposedly strengthened the blood). Not knowing the real history behind the card at the time, Michael's mind went into overdrive, conjuring up images of what became later known as Hemo-Boy.

Character Evolution

Hemo-Boy has a jar filled with blood for a head. The jar also contains two eyes and has a tube for a 'mouth'. Always picked on by neighborhood children, Hemo-Boy just want to be accepted, not only by other kids, but also by his abusive mother, Mother Globin.

His mother uses him as a human dialysis machine, because he is able to suck blood from other people through the tube, purifies it and pumps it back. Somehow these people feel miraculously cured afterwards. Unbeknownst, they are infected by a mutated blood cell. This 'cure' lasts for about two weeks, after which they are hideously deformed by the infection.

His mother is defeated by Mr. Monster. Hemo-Boy escapes unnoticed and goes to live inside a blood bank.

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