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Paul/Eddie's Helmet

 The Helmet used now was built by Carlton Sun and originally worn by Paul Johnstone, the ShadowHawk of the 1990's.  This helmet was given to Eddie Collins, the Chosen One, after Paul died and New Man acquired the helmet after defeating a robot
Paul wearing the Helmet
that had taken in the Spirit of Justice and gone rogue. After the events of Image United, the helmet was used the bring Paul Johnstone back from the dead and is now being kept by him until Eddie recovers from his coma.

Other Helmets

Over the years, the other ShadowHawks have worn their own variations of the helmet; ranging from domino masks, cowls, aviator helmets and more, with the exception that they all have the glowing red eyes.
 Many different faces


Forming Tools
The Helmet of Heru only works when worn by the Chosen One, Eddie Collins. When Eddie wears the helmet, he is granted enchanced speed, strength, and agility. The helmet also grants Eddie armor that can form weapons and gadgets like swords and grapple hooks. The glowing eyes give Eddie thermal vision while the helmet can also tap into the police scanners and let Eddie listen in while out on duty.
 Suit UP!!

The Helmet of Heru also holds all of the souls of the people who have had the Spirit of Justice inhabit them, the Nommo. This allows Eddie to talk to the different ShadowHawks and get their help during battle, they will sometimes even take Eddie over to help him out.
 It has also been shown that the helmet can be used to bring old ShadowHawks out from the Nommo and back to life with a proper sacrifice. 

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