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Volume one

The son of an archangel and a ordinary teenage girl named Isabelle. He was named Daniel and abandoned at birth, then he was thrown around in several foster homes. At a very young age he discovered he can't die. At the age of six he was attacked by bitbull, he lived the encounter. When he was thirteen a bus drove onto sidewalk, several people were killed, he escaped without a scratch. Somewhere along the line he developed empathic powers. He followed a pain to a church where a priest had committed a suicide. He was seen over the dead body and mistaken for a murderer. Cops arrived, there was a fight and Daniel was shot in the forehead. Drifting between life and death, an angel came and revealed him his birth. Heaven embraced him as his own that night. He then confronted his father, Jonakand - an angel who was cast to hell for his sins, and who recently returned to earth to take his love, and Daniel's mother to hell with him. In the fight the deformed angel realizes that if he loves her he has to let her go.

Volume two

Volume two introduces us to Christina; a new intern starting her first day at a psychiatric institution. We follow Christina's progress as she learns how to take care of people suffering from mental illness. Already a solemn individual, her experiences in the institution lead her down a dark path and she struggles with her own looming depression. Along the way Christina is assigned a patient by the name of Daniel. Daniel is withdrawn and near mute but in time he develops a bond with Christina that makes her question her own reality.

As Daniel's condition worsens, Christina is also finding it hard to overcome her own depression. She starts taking shortcuts, avoiding situations she is uncomfortable with and skipping work. Eventually she will have to decide whether she wishes to continue her internship or commit to dropping out. Christina opts for the former and returns to work even though she dreads the thought.

Upon her return she discovers Daniel's case has been reassigned to another staff member. She observes Daniel is not being treated with respect or care. In order to try to get Daniel to open up she sneaks him on excursion to the roof. However not everything goes as planned.

In their rooftop encounter Christina and Daniel delude themselves into believing they can fly. Under the beauty of the heavens so rarely seen under the roofs of the asylum they take a leap of faith and step off the roof. They take flight but only for seconds before reality and gravity come racing up at them. Christina is badly injured and Daniel appears to be dead. When they are discovered, Christina finds herself as a patient and after harsh self examination she takes her own life.

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