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Best 80s Horror Movie

I try not to throw around the term "Best movie ever made" or "Worst movie ever made". I sort of categorise movies, like Twilight is the worst vampire movie ever made or Watchmen (to me) is the best superhero film ever made. 
So if Hellraiser was to come in a category of best or worst, I'd call it the best 80s horror/slasher movie, and one of my favourite films of all time (A lot of my film reviews are of my favourite films aren't they?) 
Anyway, what I like about Hellraiser is that it's diverse from most slasher films like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. Most slasher films are made to entertain people, not to spread any political messages or anything like that. They're made to be fun. But Hellraiser is a movie so f**ked up you don't even dare look at the screen! Clive Barker (the author of the novel which Hellraiser is based on and the director of the film), was trying to also make Pinhead a slasher villain not like others. He wouldn't crack jokes like Freddy Krueger or Chucky, and he wasn't silent either like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Pinhead was someone different, and that's why he's my favourite slasher villain. 
The acting in the movie is also pretty good, the best performance being Doug Bradley as Pinhead, who is fantastic. Ashley Laurence as Kirsty Cotton is also pretty good, not to mention pretty hot. The make-up effects in the movie are also really good. Pinhead looks amazing, but the real show-stealers are the other Cenobites. Chatterer looks very realistic and I'd hate to have been the actor playing him, having all that make up on your face and constantly having to chatter your teeth. 
So to be honest, there's not much else to say other than check out Hellraiser. If you like the first movie then you'll probably like the sequels too...well some of them.
Edited by NightFang

Cool review and I think Doug Bradley really wanted to kill somebody after having to put on all that make-up.

Posted by Moomin123

I agree. But like I said, I'd hate to have been the guy playing Chatterer. Having no lines and having tonnes of make up on your face. 

Posted by NightFang
@Moomin123: That would make me wan't to kill the closest thing I could find, lol. 
Posted by Moomin123

Lol. But still, Chatterer looks the coolest out of all the Cenobites. Even though Pinhead is my favourite.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Well said. Also, They need to kick out that new guy they hired to play Pinhead in the upcoming Hellraiser movie and get Doug Bradley. He just don't have that Pinhead feeling, but then again it's better that's not happening. I'm seeing a failure to be coming out of this one, since what I read is that it's going to be just a movie to keep the franchise up.

Posted by Dr_Columbo

Hellraiser is an epic film and does deserve to be in the top ten best of the 80's but after part 3 the changed the whole feel and concept of the movie franchise.

Edited by Moomin123

Although Doug was awesome as Pinhead and always will be. I think it's inevitable that someone new becomes Pinhead. Robert Englund didn't last forever as Freddy Krueger and it looks like Pinhead's going down that direction I'm afraid. Long Live Hellraiser.
Edited by The Impersonator

I watched all eight films and they were pretty good. Can't wait for the next one.

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