Original Hellions

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I think the original Hellions should be brought back! This whole thing with Selene resurecting mutants would be a great excuse to bring them back! It would be a shock for Emma. Plus the New Mutants were pretty close with them! And they could bring a powerless Tarot to try and stop her old teamates. She was the most innocent and I would love to see how it would affect her, Emma and the New Mutants. 
The New Mutants VS The Hellions! 
Bring it on!
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How do you think Tarot would react to her classmates being brought back from the grave? And now she's powerless do you think she could stop her classmates? Sorry if I seem OTT, I'm just imagining this whole thing in my head!!
Plus I'm just remebering about Empath.
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Sorry, but this has already been established with November's solicitations.  Check out the Necrosha thread for more info:

New Mutants #7
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aww cool!! i didnt no that thnx for the info!! :D

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