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There have been several groups of mutant youths that have utilized the name the Hellions. The Hellions were/are in most cases the antithesis to the junior X-teams such as: the New Mutants, Generation X, the original X-Force and most recently the Xavier Institute squad by the same name as the original, the New Mutants.


Professor X began his quest to put together his second generation team of X-Men, later dubbed the New Mutants. Initially, being that Xavier Institute was a school, it was simply a means to train young mutants in the use and responsibility of their powers. It evolved into becoming training grounds to become field trained and X-Men ready. The design was simple, in the event that the X-Men were not able to perform the New Mutants would fill the spot, which they eventually did.

Unbeknown to Xavier, an organization caught wind of his activities and followed quickly after. This group was better known as the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club is a sinister international group of the world's social elite. They are run by mutants that consider themselves superior to other mutants, in both their mutant abilities/powers and social status. They copied Xavier's design perfectly. They even had their own telepath, quite powerful at that, to front and run the school, by the name of Emma Frost then known as the White Queen.

The Massachusetts Academy

The Massachusetts Academy

Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, funded and purchased a private school in the Snow Valley, located in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. She named the private school, the Massachusetts Academy. She was the headmistress of the school, and it was here that she would train her future Hellions. Her intentions for the Hellions were, when fully trained, they would serve the interest of the Hellfire Club's The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle seeks to amass absolute power and control, over all things political and economical, through both legal and illegal activities, any means necessary. The Hellions were to be the "any means necessary." As such, Emma needed to seek out and recruit very specific mutants, with abilities that would further aid her organization and later herself.


The success of the New Mutants grew and in the 1984 Claremont created an antagonizing team named the Hellions to be the New Mutants nemeses. The Hellions were very similar to the New Mutants and the two teams would go-head-to-head throughout the New Mutants run.

Team Evolution

Similar to Professor Xavier, Emma Frost brought together six mutants and made it her duty to shape them into mutants much like herself and the Inner Circle. Her main focus was that she couldn't let anyone get to the mutants before her, especially Xavier. It was then that Emma had a computer, very similar to the original Cerebro, created to amplify her mental talents. Once done, her search would begin. Once she located her potential students, she mentally hid their presence from all others until she could recruit them herself.

Warpath (James Proudstar)


Thunderbird (now known as Warpath): James was the younger brother of the X-Men Thunderbird. Super strong and durable he was the muscle of the team. His hatred for Xavier and the X-Men, as he blamed them for his brother's death and wanted revenge, only solidified his role on the team. His time with the Hellions would be limited. James would have a change of heart and eventually quit.

Catseye (Sharon Smith)


Catseye The Hellions answer to Wolfsbane. Catseye's youth and lack of sophistication belie a ferocious intelligence. Even more ferocious was she when fighting. Like Wolfsbane, Catseye was a metamorph though not into a wolf but into a cat. Catseye could morph into a lavender panther-like wildcat OR a transitional hybrid form granting her the best qualities of both a human and cat. Fiercely loyal she protected her friends to no end. But in reality she hardly understood the normal world prefer the life of a cat.

Empath (Emmanuel Alfonso Rodrigo De la Rocha)


Empath was more like the White Queen then any other on the team. He was ruthless, cunning and willing to use his powers on anyone for personal gain. Empath's power (just like his name) was the ability to read, feel and control the emotions of others. He is able to perform this feat on individuals singly or on the city-wide level. Empath was one of Frost's favorites due to their similarities, also one of her biggest pains for the same reason. Empath would be the only member of the Hellions, actually present during their final battle with Fitzroy, to survive and leave the night unscathed. Due, largely in part, to his quick retreat once the Sentinel began their invade.

Jetstream (Haroum ibn Sallah al-Rashid)


Jetstream shared powers and responsibilities similar to Cannonball, who could also propel himself through the air and was also team leader. Though, he didn't share his protective force field Cannonball generated during flight. Jetstream's body didn't have built in protections from the effects of his powers. When Jetstream would lift off the friction and force of the wind that he would fly through would flay his flesh and also cause severe burns or even catch him on fire. The Hellfire Club would remedy this and provide Jetstream with a bionic system that enabled more control, focus and protection from his powers. As a result, he pledged undying lifelong loyalty to them.

Roulette (Jennifer Stavros)


Born to a casino Poker card dealer in Atlantic City. She is the youngest of 8 children, because of this she never had her way. When her mutant gifts manifested things changed. She began running with a gang and breaking the law. She would surely have been arrested before being recruited as part of the Hellions. Roulette could alter the probability fields of good and bad luck. By creating discs of mental energy (red disc was good luck, black disc was bad luck) and throwing them at an individual or thing and action would always follow, depending on which disc she threw.

Tarot (Marie-Ange Colbert)


Unlike some of her other more mean spirited teammates, Tarot was generally sympathetic and kind by nature. Tarot is a precog, with the ability to materialize and animate (purely of psionic energy) tangible, solid representation of the images on her tarot cards. Once created, she had full control of them and they would do battle for her or be used as a transportation device for the team. Her future was to be surrounded in mystery, and more lasting then many of the other Hellion teammates.

With the final member's acceptance of the White Queen's invitation to the Massachusetts Academy, Emma's search would be over. These young mutants would represent the initial core group, The Hellions.

Members come and Go.

Others would join to replace members that would leave, or some would be added as ploys. These individuals included:

  • The Fiery, on again, off again New Mutant Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla).
  • The Bio-electrically charged Bevatron (Fabian Marechal-Julbin) would fill the slot Firestar would leave open.
  • The super strong, not so smart Beef (Buford Wilson) would fill Thunderbird's eventual slot.
  • One other individual was offered a spot on the team but declined (revealed a lot later in the Marvel Continuity). Older brother of future X-Force member Jesse Bedlam/Aaronson, Christopher Terrance Bedlam/Aaronson, later known as King Bedlam. King Bedlam was gifted with the mutant talent to create telepathic static which could control bodily or mental functions, this gave him immunity to mental tampering. When he declined, tried as she might, not even Emma's telepathic persuasion could change his mind. And she tried HARD. Emma didn't take kindly to the word "No." His short time with the team, while making his decision, led to a strong emotional tie with Tarot. They fell in love quickly and, in a still unclear way, the two lovers' souls somehow inextricably became bound together. This would lead to Tarot's later resurrection.
  • Finally there was the microwave manipulating, future Avenger Firestar (Angelica Jones). Emma never had intentions for Firestar to join or be apart of the main group. Emma along with Trevor Fitzroy, a time traveling mutant from the future, trained her separately and hidden from the others. Firestar was to be the White Queen's personal assassin due to Firestar's destructive and devastating nature of her mutant abilities. Her first mission was to, but never happened, kill the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club (at that time it was Selene) who Emma felt threatened by. This was all for naught as the New Warriors interfered and won the freedom of Firestar, and she joined them instead.

The Hellions End.

This group of Hellions were together for years, and built a bond that only time could create. They would do battle with many of Marvel's heroes. Though they were created to battle and be enemies with the New Mutants. Through time it simply turned into something similar to a high school rivalry. The Hellions became more then a team, they were a family that most of them were deprived in their normal lives. Unfortunately, all this would be destroyed in one night.

Emma Frost and The Hellions

As a means to lower tension between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, Emma threw a party and invited the X-Men (the Gold team led by Storm). Many of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle were being murdered and Emma felt that if they were targets that the X-Men wouldn't be too far from being the next targets. She wanted the teams to create an alliance, as she felt there was strength in numbers. Animosity between the two teams raged. Old rivalries, coupled with the immaturity of the Hellions egging the X-Men on led to a small skirmish that was quickly brought a halt when two (though at the time they could only see one, the other was using a cloaking device) unknown assailants broke in an attempted to assassinate the Emma. The female assassin immediately lunged at Emma. Emma far too quick, used a telepathic blast to take down her would-be attacker. While the teams regrouped and tried to question the girl/assassin, another attack began, though they had no clue from where. Even Jean Grey's and Emma's vaunted telepathic gifts didn't register the second person. It was Trevor Fitzroy, the one time partner of Emma, had returned but now he was there to kill Emma, not to help her. He was apart of the group of individuals called the Upstarts who were killing the members of the Inner Circle to gain points. The female attacker was sent in as a ploy to get the teams attention. Within the initial 20 seconds of his appearance he had already killed both Jetstream and Beef. Draining Jetstream of his life and throwing Beef out of the window of the skyscraper they were in, landing on the street, dead on impact.

Jean Grey attempting to save The Hellions

The combined forces of the X-Men and remaining Hellions eventually subdued Fitzroy, then another part of his plan unraveled. A huge teleportation gate opens with Donald Pierce, also of the Hellfire Club, running through it with Sentinels following. The gate closes and a blood bath ensues. The Sentinels immediately head for Emma, apparently dealing her a killing strike. Empath tries to use his powers to see if she was alive, and runs when he finds that she was dead, or so he thought. The Sentinels decimate most of the Hellions and the X-Men barely get out with their lives. The remaining living Hellions, that didn't die in the fight, would have their life forces drained by Fitzroy, ultimately killing them, so he can open a temporal gate for his teammates to come through.

Those who were killed in the melee were: Jetstream, Beef, Bevatron, Roulette, Catseye and Tarot. As a side note, at the party there were approximately fifteen other Hellions that are shown but never given a name. It's assumed that Emma had recruited others but were not a part of the main team. They may not have had powers suited for battle, though this is never touched on. What is clear is that all the un-named Hellions would, too, have the life forces drained by Fitzroy. Though it seemed as if Emma was given a mortal blow, she actually did not die, but was put into a coma.

When she awakens from her coma, she is informed of the death of her students. Grief-stricken and feeling completely responsible for their deaths, something changed in her. Unknown by all, Emma, over the years, grew to love and care for her students, her team of Hellions. The guilt over her loss would lead to her eventual reform. Tarot's story, too, was not over yet either. She is shown later in the page of X-Force alive. Tarot would be resurrected, due to her bond with King Bedlam. To be explained in New Hellions section. Other survivors (either because they were not apart of the team or left before the final battle) included: Thunderbird, Empath, Magma and Firestar (although not officially a member).

Additionally, it was noted in one of the Marvel Handbooks that a come of the New Mutants were members of the Hellions as well. A team of New Mutants were killed then resurrected by the Beyonder. When they were brought to like they were mere husks of their former selves. They showed no emotion, being that their deaths affected their psyches greatly. Magneto was, at that time, the headmaster at Xavier Institute and also the White King of the Hellfire Club. He made the decision to send the affect students to Emma so that she could provide telepathic therapy to the students. While there, they were enrolled into the Massachusetts Academy and inducted as members of the Hellions, even participating in team training activities. This led to friendship being built between the team. They were: Cannonball, Douglas "Doug" Ramsey (Cypher), Illyana Rasputin (then Magik), Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane), X'ian Coy Mahn (Karma) and Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla (Magma).

Once cured of their ailments they quickly returned to Xavier Institute as it would be revealed that Magneto's decision to transfer his students was actually due to mental tampering from Empath. All would return save Magma who chose (or so she thought, later revealed to be manipulated by Empath's powers) to stay behind and remained with the Hellions.

Original Team Stats

Former Members:

Empath, Roulette, Thunderbird ll, Catseye, Tarot, Jetstream, Bevatron, Beef, Magma, Cannonball, Karma, Cypher, Wolfsbane & Firestar (unofficial)

Base of Operations:

Massachusetts Academy

First Appearance:

New Mutants (vol.1) #16

The "Unofficial" Hellions.

The second group of "Hellions" was never truly an official incarnation of the Hellions. Only in advertising did the reference occur.

Emplate's Hellions

This group was organized and led by Emplate (brother of then Generation X member M). This group only appeared once, never having a huge impact in Marvel or Hellions history. The group included many characters that were never fleshed out and quickly faded away, including:

  • Vincente: Vincente was initially from the Age of Apocalypse timeline; this would be his first Earth-616 appearance.
  • Bulwark: Super-strong ally of Emplate.
  • Gayle Edgerton: Gayle is the jilted ex-girlfriend of then Generation X member Chamber Decibel. Wishing to exact revenge on Decibel was her driving force in joining the group.
  • D.O.A.: D.O.A is the butler and driver of Emplate.
  • Murmur: The mummified, teleporting mutant.

This team was easily defeated by the combined efforts of Generation X and the appearance of, the (then) X-Men Bishop. Emplate later resurfaced with this team, but with a slightly changed membership.

The "Official" New Hellions

King Bedlam's Hellions

The official second incarnation of the Hellions were foes of another junior X-team, this one being X-Force. This group consisted of some original members of the Hellions, some new ones and one that declined membership to the original group. The exploits of this team was limited to the few appearances that they made in X-Force.

Armageddon Man

As a team their first and largest ploy was when they decided that they was to obtain and control a cryogenically frozen mutant known as Armageddon Man, a mutant of immense and immeasurable might. He was also was one of the earliest recorded mutants ever known. Once controlled they were to use him as a weapon against the government to blackmail them for a million dollars. Their team though would fall apart at the seams and have seen two of their force see the error of their ways and turn against their team. These two would aid X-Force and would see the tides turn That person being King Bedlam, who was also the one that organized and led the group. The New Hellions would swiftly be defeated and for the most part to be seen again in the Marvel Universe, neither as a team or singly.

Team Evolution

Tarot (Marie-Ange Colbert


King Bedlam's girlfriend "apparently" resurrected. Similar but very different at the same time. Tarot has show mastery over her powers and improved usage of them as well. She is now able to take on the strengths of the tarot cards she wields. Such as assuming the death card she wears a black cloak and fights with a scythe (it never details if she could truly kill anyone with a touch of the scythe or if it simply acts as a weapon). This allows her to take a more active role in battle and makes her for effective physically

Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla)


The fiery Nova Roman would also resurfaced in the New Hellions, once a New Mutant, now apparently working for the bad side.

Feral (Maria Callasantos)


One time member of X-Force, her appearance is bitter sweet as she does battle with her ex-teammates. Feral's first attempt to find a cure was a miserable failure. She had begun to feel the effects of the virus more than ever, it even began to affect her mentally. Distraught from her illness she would accept King Bedlam's offer and resurface as a member of his New Hellions Feral's participation in the group would put her at odds once again with X-Force. Though this team would not last long, Feral would make sure her actions would. Feral would once again prove her bite is far worse than her bark.

  • Paradigm: A mutant techno-path infused with the Techno-Organic matter extracted from the alien Phalanx.
  • Switch: A newcomer, with mutant mind swapping powers allowing him to mentally swap his mind with another allowing him to control their body.
  • Jesse Bedlam: Jesse would briefly join his brother's team as well but quickly switches back to X-Force when he sees the error in his ways.

The Xavier Institute's Hellions Squad

The Hellion Squad

The last group to use the "Hellions" moniker thus far does so as a nod to the original team. Due to the mass amounts of mutant students that are enrolled at the Xavier Institute as new program was brought to the front. The student body was to be broken into squads. These squads would have one of the senior staffers assigned to them as an advisor, and each group would range from 5-6 mutants each. One such squad consisted initially with:

  • Julian Keller (later assuming the codename Hellion): Squad leader and high level telekinetic.
  • Cessily Kincaid (Mercury): Mutant with a malleable mercury form.
  • Santos Vaccarro (Rockslide): With super strength and composition of rock, he was the powerhouse of the team.
  • Sooraya Qadir (Dust): Able to transform into a living sandstorm.
  • Dallas Gibson (Specter): Could merge with his shadow and take on a new super powered single form.
  • Josh "Jay" Gutherie (Icarus): Red winged younger brother of both Cannonball and Husk with powers very similar to that of the X-Men's Angel.
  • Brian Cruz (Tag): Limited psychic, able to compel and repel sentient beings.
  • Kevin Ford (Wither): A mutant with a decaying death touch.

The Hellions Squad were a one of the prominent squads at the Xavier Institute and won the first Field Day competition. The squad's colors are red and white with black accents. The Hellions stayed together as a squad until the Xavier Institute disbanded all squad following M-Day, where nearly the entire campus was left depowered and no longer mutants. There simply wasn't a reason for squads since there were so few mutant students left.


Hellions: Not dead yet

All the deceased Hellions are resurrected by Selene and Eli Bard. After breaking into Utopia with the help of Cypher, all Hellions confront Emma Frost and taunt her for not saving.

Alternate Realities

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Age of Apocalypse

Though Emma Frost was not apart of the creation, there is a group of Hellions in the AoA timeline. The academy is still up as well. The Massachusetts Academy is the house and school of the Hellions. The difference is that, here, the group serves Apocalypse. The Hellions are mutants trained to be future agents of Apocalypse. A majority of the original team is still here including: Tarot, Roulette, Catseye, Jetstream, Beef and Bevatron.

After the fall of their High Lord Apocalypse, Magneto attempts to smooth over things with base-line humans and their governing council. The agreed upon solution was that Magneto and his X-Men were to apprehend all rogue followers of the, now dead, evil ruler, Apocalypse. The very first mission for Magneto and his X-Men is to capture the Hellions and bring them to the authorities to have them pay for the crimes they have committed. The X-Men quickly arrive and savagely defeat the young Hellions. The Hellions eventually are incarcerated for an unstated amount of time.

House of M (Earth-58163)

House of M

In this re-made world of Scarlet Witch, mutants are the majority and are in power. Young burgeoning mutants now have two options for their future schools and futures and mutants. Either picking between the New Mutant Leadership Institute, ran by Xi'an Coy Mahn (Karma), where here they develop the future diplomats and leaders of the world, though they do not get combat training. The other option is to join the SHIELD training program, ran by Sebastian Shaw. It is here they have a more military training focusing on warfare and covert operations. The training team is called the Hellions. This group included Scion (Earth-616's Hellion), Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Synch, Quill, Surge, Wind Dancer (now known as Renascence), Anole & Danielle Moonstar. Moonstar is a fully-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and is assigned to the training of the Hellions. Though she is the trainer she does participate in active battle with them. Her assistant trainers are Aurora and Northstar.f

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