What was so great about Hellion?

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Now if the title didn't already give it away I am in fact part of the camp that doesn't like Hellion. Now hold your horses cause it may not be for the reasons you think. Now him being a jerk in Academy X certainly didn't help and in those books I just wrote him off. Then comes New X-Men where he goes from being a jerk to just dull in my opinion, and he's remained that ever since for me. Granted he got better I admit, but he was just never that interesting to me, and the only thing he had going for him, and for me this isn't saying much, was that he liked X-23. A friend of mine describes him as "a tool inspired by the movie Push" which I chuckle at for obvious reasons. Now my point, I keep finding people who honestly like him and for the life of me I can't fathom why, beyond being fangirl bait. So I am asking you, people who do like him, what was so great about Hellion? Please tell me why.

And for the love of God I'm not trolling, so please try to be civil, I don't look down on anyone for liking him.

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I think it's the loyalty.

But for me, his good taste. He obviously knew what a rare treasure Sofia Mantega was, and still is.

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For me it was that he had massive telekinetic potential. He demolished an entire floor trying to pick up a paper clip if i remember right. He could've been useful plenty of times if he were used right. I'm still holding out hope somebody will remember how strong he was and use him the right way

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I apologize in advance for the formating of this post(browser is old and screws it up). Alright, so, here's a point of view from a rather large Hellion fan. When he was brought into the books, he was obviously the -jerk-. Let's be honest, the way he handled Nori showing up when she was homeless, on down to the rivalries he built with just about everyone he encountered--or the flat out disdain that he had for him. Hellion was written like the class jock/bully. However... this isn't wnat makes him 'cool.' What MADE (more on this later) cool was the fact that he grew as a character through the Young X-Men series (childhood's end, in particular was a good arc for him). We saw him start to value his team more and truly care about them. Yes, he still had his arrogance, but where he was going (especially during his relationship building with Laura) was shifting that arrogance into confidence. Then... somewhere, lines were crossed and the ball was dropped and he went back to being the utter jerk. He was a character that had the potential to be something great. To come out of his arrogance and emerge as a powerful mutant and leader. Alas, judging by everything that has happened after he lost his hands, Marvel has hardcore dropped him; though it is fixable and possible to make him a mainstay among the younger characters.

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Hellion is basically the typical pretty boy douche who female readers like because he shows his softer side to the least popular girl at school ( X-23). There is nothing terrible about him, but nothing great either.

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Hm. vast oversimplification that shows nothing known about the character. Nice.

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His friendship with Mercury was much more endearing to me then his treatment off X-23. The fact that he was only that nice to her, rather then being on indiscriminate good terms with anyone, made it stand out to me.

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