The Perfect Mentor/Big Brother for Hellion

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Now we all know that really since the the end of NXM, Hellion's been lost on the road of life with no one really to guide him. Emma left him high and dry, and Magneto said no. 
So i've come up with the perfect mentor/big brother for Hellion: X-Man!
Despite his rashness and the occasional dumb move, Hellion's always wanted to help mutants. And as a mutant shaman that's what X-Man does. He can help Hellion with this TK problems and be kinda of a Big Brother type figure for him. I think the two could a Obi-Wan-Anakin esque relationship and they could have a great influence on each other. 
An X-Man book with Hellion as his apprentice would be a dream come true.

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I think Sam(Cannonball) would be the ideal mentors for Hellion.
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@Gawdzilla said:
 I think the two could a Obi-Wan-Anakin esque relationship and they could have a great influence on each other.  

Is this really the comparison relationship we would want?
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@jordama: Minus the whole Anakin going crazy at the end.
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@Gawdzilla said:
" @jordama: Minus the whole Anakin going crazy at the end. "
ahahahhahahaha! Meh, personally I'm not crazy about the idea. I'm more keen on seeing Hellion go it alone and have his own adventures on his own team. If he had to be mentored, however, I'd be interested in seeing Professor X fill the role of tutoring Hellion and some of the other kids like Mercury and X-23 though...I mean, he was the original X-men's mentor, wouldn't it be interesting to see him take up the new generation? 
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@k2: Xavier teaching people has become stale. Besides, I don't think Hellion isn't gonna take to him. He needs someone who will be hard on him and that will put his foot in his ass. Someone who will get him to realize he's a part of a war and whether he likes it or not, he's a vital part of it. Cannonball is the perfect choice. I can see Sam acting like Cable to him. Hellion is still very raw. He's not that good of a fighter and doesn't have good control of his abilities. Sam has been there before and Hellion can learn from him. Havok would be a good mentor for him as well, but who knows when he'll be back. Pete Wisdom, Cable, Cannonball, Rachel Grey, and Havok are all good choices to me. Cannonball being the clear number one.   
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From what I've seen, Cannonball is still newish to being a real X-man himself (from reading the new 'New Mutants' series) and he has too many issues dealing with his emotions (various comics, particularly the Divided We Stand mini, where he chooses to start a bar brawl and then fly over his hometown instead of dealing logically with his feelings/thoughts, which is something a mentor should be somewhat able to do before taking on a student). I don't think he would make a great mentor for a kid with the same issues, considering that Hellion is hot-headed himself. His mentor is going to have to have some wisdom in dealing with such matters. 
Havok I'm eh on, mostly because I haven't read much with him in it and don't find him as interesting of a character. Rachel Grey....with telekinesis maybe, but not life/X-men mentoring. I have no clue about Pete Wisdom so I'm not going to comment. Cable might be able to mentor, seeing as he's more tactical and logical, less emotional. He's got the experience. 
I'd still like to see what Professor X would do with the kids. Doesn't have to be stale if it's done properly...each generation and each student is going to be a little different to teach, and therefore teacher (almost) always learns something from the student.

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X-Man and's destiny....
During his early issues Nate was a lot like Julian...angsty and whiny and very raw...he can identify with Julian's angst and thus reach him on a better level. And they can plot against Emma together lol

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Honestly? I'm not to sure about a 'Big Brother' thing here.. He need's a telekinetic to teach him, and Nate shouldn't be the one. A perfect mentor for both Hope Summers and Julian Keller would be Rachel Grey. I mean, both kids are Telekinetics, Rachel is a telekinetic, voila.

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Nate and Julian could be awesome! People just don't realize it yet.

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As a Facebook friend of Mike Carey i asked him about a potential Nate/Julian team up/ apprenticeship for Hellion's Legacy Arc and here are his thoughts:
"That raises some fascinating possibilities, Gawdzilla. Thanks for the suggestion."
While yes this is by no means proof that it will happen, at least he acknowledges that there's potential there. 

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