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Where half way through Schism and with all the teasers that Marvel has been releasing the last few months, its time to figure out where Hellion will end up. Now we now that this Dec he's making his return to the pages of X-23 but what about beyond that? 
If we go back to the Year of the X-Men interviews earlier this year they said X-Men Legacy would be the book to watch for all things Hellion. Do you think this will continue to hold true? Also with Legacy being a Team Wolverine book, would you want Hellion to be in it?
Speculate which book do you think Hellion will land in

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I think that the Hellion being helped in legacy arc was scrapped for a while because Age of X and now Schism. I'm guessing that X-23 joins Wolverines side with Rogue and because of that Hellion will join wolverines side. It is still possible that Hellions arc will happen in Legacy post-schism though.

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@jordama: The arc after the current arc in Legacy will be Carey's last arc, as he is taking a break from the X-books. Im sure he'll tie up some of his AoX loose ends ie Hellion and Chamber
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@Gawdzilla: I knew that his last arc was coming up, but I don't think he will have time because he is dealing with the return of Polaris, Havok and Rachel and then with the post Schism stuff. Plus the main thing I remember about the Hellion Arc was that it was supposed to be Rogue helping Hellion use his powers, but with Age of X he knows all about his powers and how to use the hands.
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@jordama: Carey said that Age of X would have a major impact on Hellion as a person...we've yet to see how AoX has changed him
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@Gawdzilla said:
@jordama: Carey said that Age of X would have a major impact on Hellion as a person...we've yet to see how AoX has changed him
I'd say the 'major impact on Hellion as a person' is gaining a pair of hands. The changes that would make to a guy that is bitter over the loss of his hands is astronomical, especially because his new hands are pretty effin cool.  I'd imagine he's going to be less emo in the future, and probably doesn't go evil now. :o) Perhaps he will even become a higher-ranked X-man, since he has acute control over his powers. 
Related to that higher level of control , in the scene where he defended Hope from Omega Sentinel, I kind of wondered if that was something to do with Phoenix since he mentioned being able to 'feel each molecule'. I know he has not exhibited any other signs, and I know also it may be Hope's presence that caused the difference, but that level of telekinesis has been shown before in a test Professor Xavier and Jean Grey performed, when she had the Phoenix force. They used a set of silverware, and Jean noted that she could feel the Professor touching one of the forks she was holding up telekinetically. Professor Xavier commented that 'Telekinetic sensitivity this extreme is known as "the manifestation of the Phoenix" by neuro-mythical surgeons of the Shi'ar space empire". 
To add to this, the original writers of Academy X (DeFilippis and Weir) stated in an interview that if Kyle & Yost had not taken over New X-men, they would have gone on to explore the possibilities of Hellion as a Phoenix host. 
Got a little off topic with that track, but perhaps somewhere in the future this will pop up for Julian? Don't think it would be anytime soon, but when some of the current major story arcs have passed and they are focusing on individual characters again.
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@Kairan1979: "New"? O.o It leaves so much to the imagination... Pray tell!
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he left because he was no longer....."handy" to have around......

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@Gawdzilla: I would kind of like to see him on x-force with wolverine but legacy would be a good title for him

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: when did he leave? O.e

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@rokusan23 said:

@Avenging-X-Bolt: when did he leave? O.e

im kidding, i really have no idea what happened to him. i just wanted to make a no hand pun

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And as a I predicted...Hellion is Team Wolverine

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