An Interesting mentor for Hellion....

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To all my fellow Hellion fan out on comicvine, I think we can all agree that our boy Jules needs a positive role model to help him out of the hole that’s been dug for him. Now we all know that most of the faculty at the JGSFHL doesn’t think much of Hellion save for maybe Rogue…but I personally think Julian needs a male mentor figure so I got to thinking and I came up with an interesting idea. Let me lay the groundwork for you folks so it doesn’t seem that crazy.

I was a big X-Man fan back in the 90s(still an X-Man fan today), and one of my favorite things was when Nate would hang out with Spider-Man. In a couple of ways Peter became kinda of a surrogate older brother figure to Nate. They had some fun adventures and more importantly Nate learned a lot about being a hero from Peter.

Now also back in the 90s I was a HUGE fan of Venom (and I am still a fan of Venom today), but when Gargan become Venom…I lost some interest. But when Rick Remenber started writing Venom and made Flash Thompson the new host of Venom; it hit me.

Flash should mentor Julian.

Both characters are extremely similar, both have been bullies in the past, both are also double amputees. Flash lost his legs, Julian lost his hand. And most importantly besides their character flaws both are still great characters.

So think about it.

Do you think Venom would be an interesting mentor for Hellion?

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They're also both weak to high-frequency sounds!

But, no. I don't think Venom should mentor Hellion. Bar a few similarities between them, I'm not sure what Flash could actually teach Julian.

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All Star Batman

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@x_29 said:

All Star Batman

You clearly hate Hellion. LMAO.

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I think Dr Doom should mentor Hellion. Julian needs to embrace his inner Anakin Skywalker and Doom may be the one to help him do that.

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Dr. Doom would be awesome. Flash would be alwright.

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@TheGreyOutcastX said:

@x_29 said:

All Star Batman

You clearly hate Hellion. LMAO.

Nah, but Hellion could use a batman type figure to make sure his life is set in a good direction.

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@boob said:


Why Toro?

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The conversations would be great!! Toro with his 1940's view on things, and Hellion with his 2012 view on things. Just the conversations on women would be epic!!!!!

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I don't think he needs a 'mentor,' so to speak. He needs to come into his own and grow up. Though, I could see this going the route of Kyle Rayner flying around trying to see where he fits in as a hero, and what that means, exactly.

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Joseph -Magneto rejected him...why not the next best thing?

Exodus - Who better to help Julian further master his telekinetic abilities?

Sebastian Shaw- Idk I always pictured julian learning how to use his tk to absorb energy like Sebastian shaw

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