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A weapon wielded by Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider.


The Hellfire Gun is a small shotgun that fires bursts of Hellfire. Unlike conventional sidearms, the Hellfire Gun never runs out of ammunition and can be fired repeatedly for an indeterminate amount of time. During the period when carnival stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze was separated from the Spirit of Vengeance known as the Ghost Rider, he used the Hellfire Gun to fight off demonic threats.

When the Mother of Demons, Lilith, manifested on Earth, the Hellfire Gun proved vital in it's ability to destroy Lilith's demonic offspring, the Lilin. One of the Lilin, Creed threatened Johnny's family, so Blaze destroyed him with repeated blasts from the weapon. Creed was actually grateful for the assault and told Johnny that he finally brought him a measure of peace.

Road To Vengeance

Johnny Blaze uses this weapon to calm down Vengeance.

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