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Hell eyes was a demon that had control of a dimension of what he calls Hell.  The Door to his dimension leads to the basement of a house which he and his one eyed beasts have haunted people for years.  One person he haunted was forced into a sanitarium.  Later on, Morbius, Simon Stroud and Martine Bancroft would visit this house and both Morbius and Stroud fell into the dimension and was confronted by Helleyes.  As mush as he tried to destroy the two, he was killed by Morbius after he found his weak eye.  


Helleyes was created by Doug Moench and Frank Robbins in 1975 and first appeared in Adventure Into Fear # 28.

Powers & Abilities

Helleyes has control of his own dimension as well as various other dimensions.  These other dimension are the thousand eyes on his body.  Each one of these eyes is a door way to a persons own version of their own personal hell.

He also has the power to change his size from a normal human size to a gigantic god like size.

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