Guillermo del Toro Says Next Hellboy Maybe 3 Or 4 Years Away

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I've said before that "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" was a well made comic book movie.  There was action, adventure, humor and let's not forget the incredible visuals of all the characters.  Guillermo del Toro told MTV that they're not in a big hurry to make the next one.  Maybe in three or four years they'll start something.

As much as this bums me out, it could be seen as a good thing.  Del Toro will be busy with the "Hobbit" movies (I believe it's going to be made into two).  The guy has so many creative juices flowing in his brain.  I'm okay with him doing what he wants to do.  He shouldn't be rushed into doing another Hellboy movie if that's not where he's at right now.

The good news is we may not have to wait that long to see some of the characters back on the big screen.  Del Toro has given his blessings for another director to direct a spinoff based on the B.P.R.D.  That could be cool. It would be weird having someone else's vision but I can be open minded enough to hope for the best.  Perhaps Mike Mignola will be involved as he has been in the two Hellboy movies.
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It's been reported that Mignola will be "spending time with the design team."  So he may not have a huge say it what happens.  He's probably not leading the 'team.'  Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Rumor is that Del Toro give his blessings for a BRPD Spin off. That would be cool to see Roger the Homunculus.

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danisgod6491 said:
"Rumor is that Del Toro give his blessings for a BRPD Spin off. That would be cool to see Roger the Homunculus."
My thoughts exactly! its the perfect chance for them to introduce Roger the Homunculus and maybe even Kat Corrigan.
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He is my favorite, he is right up in the top five :D 

The visuals and the way he works and the gothic appearance and the balance mixture between fantasy and technology is awesome :D

Blade 2 just wiped the floor with the B1 and B- trinity, you can tell it was him that made the movie is just incredibly different from the others. Hellboy is no exception he did a awesome job in both of them :D

WOO! Del Toro  FTW! XD

Do I sound like a fan boy? O_O Damn.. :P

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@Teen Manatee:  what about captain Ben Daimio the were-Jaguar. and do a story on the Frogs.
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I don't know. HB2 reminded me to much of Pan's Labyrinth with Hellboy. I liked the first one better myself, I don't really know much about the Hellboy or BPRD comics so I am not that informed on the subject as a whole. Just the movies.

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