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Hell's weirdest little devil is back in this dark and hilarious collection of stories by some of the funniest artists in comics. This issue, Dave Cooper (Futurama) and Bill Wray (Ren and Stimpy) take Hellboy Jr. for a magical mushroom tour of the underworld-always a bad trip. Also, Mike Mignola's bizarre love story, "Squid of Man."


Hellboy Jr.'s Magical Mushroom Trip

While relaxing in hell, Hellboy Jr. decides that he wants to try magic mushrooms. He barters for gold from Idi Amin's mouth, and uses the gold to mail-order some. He enters a colorful world of brightly colored characters before descending into a bad trip. When he wakes up he finds himself on a spit with Idi Amin cooking him for dinner. For besting a demon, the devil awards Idi a soul of his own to torture and Hellboy Junior learns a valuable lesson: drugs are bad, murder and torture are good.

The Wolvertons

Jack Wolverton was an Alaskan lumberjack. He married a crash-landed alien Harriet, and had two children: Brad and Tiffany. Brad had a handsome face and a frightening body. Tiffany had a super hot body and a monstrous face. Brad married a blind Eskimo Girl who wanted to commit suicide. When she was offered a surgery that would correct her blindness she would be able to see her husband. She gouged her eyes out and forgot about the incident. Finally, one of Tiffany's ex-boyfriends burned down their house, killing all the Wolvertons.

Squid of Man

Dr. Plankton Tidepool used his evil science to create a man out of a dead squid and a lobster woman. Together they would populate an entire race of sea creatures. When Death saw what was happening he bet the doctor that the lobster woman would not be interested in the squidman. Taking the bet they watched the lobster woman remove the head of squidman and eat his body. Death takes the Doctor's 20 bucks and his soul for losing the bet and leaves lobster-woman to the Doctor's servant.

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