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Perhaps best known as being Vertigo's longest-running comic book series because of the fact that it began before Vertigo was a publisher, five years before in fact and that it was also the Vertigo Launch Title which stayed in print the longest. Apart from that, it is also known as the tale of John Constantine, one of Vertigo's most renowned characters. John Constantine being a character famed from his interactions with The Swamp Thing during Alan Moore's historic run on the series.

Unlike most Vertigo volumes, due to its extreme length, this one has had various writers (many of whom are better known for other Vertigo contributions), and oftentimes the series is judged within these writer's runs rather then as a whole since the series has changed through the decades.

On November 8th 2012 it was announced that Hellblazer will end at issue #300. John Constantine however will star in a new New 52 ongoing of his own called Constantine in March 2013. Before the cancellation, Hellblazer was the longest ongoing continuing monthly series without renumbering or cancellations/rebirths from either of "the Big Two" due to DC's New 52 and Marvel's reboot of Uncanny X-Men.

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Currently uncollected issues are #97-128, #144-145, #229, 250* (Most of 250. 4/5 stories)

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