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In this new volume collecting HELLBLAZER #23-33, a twist of fate sends John Constantine into the path of a serial killer called the Family Man, who forces the con man mage to make a shattering choice.

Back Blurb

John Constantine has faced down more than his fair share of supernatural horrors and proved that he can withstand anything heaven or hell throw at him. But what about the all-natural evil that lurks inside the darkest of human hearts?

"Demons I can handle --- this trouble's strictly human."

When a visit to an essentric old friend takes a turn for the terrifying, Constantine is pulled into the orbit of a brutal serial killer --- a psychopath whose modus operandi is the murder of loving parents and innocent children, earning him the morbid moniker of The Family Man.

Driven to stop the slayings at any cost, Constantine finds himself in a twisted game of cat and mouse, switching back and forth between the roles of hunter and prey. Can he bring himself to take of a life in order to save the lives of others? Or will his flesh and blood be the next to go under The Family Man's knife?

Accöaomed HELLBLAZER writer Jamie Delano is joined by a murderer's row of artist to present a harrowing tale of horror and suspense in this classic Constantine collection. Repringting issues 23-33 of the foundational Vertigo series, this volume also includes Grant Morrison and David Lloyd's nightmare vision of nuclear paranoi, "Early Warning" and "How I Learned to Love the Bomb" and Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's elegiac story "Hold Me."

General Notes

A new edition was released November 14, 2012 to coincide with the newly formatted trade paperbacks for the series

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