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Constantine's new wife is less than happy that he's missing a thumb, leading him on a quest to find a suitable replacement for his missing digit. While he tries to literally sew himself back together, his niece, Gemma, plots dark revenge against her uncle. Will Constantine be able to fend off his own kin's demonic fury? Collecting issues #276-282.

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By rights John Constantine should be the happiest magician alive.

He's just gotten married to the sexy young alchemist Epiphany Graves. He successfully fended off his demonic archenemies at the reception. And he emerged from a recent bout of magick-induced madness with nothing worse to show for it than cutting off his own thumb. Hey, for Constantine, that's not bad.

But the honeymoon's about to end. The hard way.

A robber baron has his sights set on the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Constantine's beloved Brixton flat. John's young wife is seeing an old flame (so to speak) on the side. His favorite nice is out for revenge for a crime Constantine doesn't even know he committed. His father-in-law wants him to settle an old family score.

And then there's the matter of that missing thumb failing into the wrong hands...

In HELLBLAZER: PHANTOM PAINS, acclaimed writer Peter Milligan (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, RED LANTERNS) and an all-star art team led by Simon Bisley (LOBO) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (JONAH HEX) present a story of married sex, prison showers, hungry demons, real-estate swindles, car crashes, sordid schoolgirl secrets, do-it-yourself finger-reattachment surgery, and all the other basics of life as newlyweds...

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