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Haunted by memories of striking Epiphany, John cuts off his thumb and enlists help from Shade the Changing Man. Plus: Old friends and demon foes converge for the royal wedding of the century when the U.K.'s perpetual bachelor gets hitched! Collecting issues #267-275.

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John Constantine has been many things over the course of his long and lurid life, from magician to madman. Married man, though?

Not your bloody life.

But there's no denying what he feels for Epiphany Graves, the beautiful young alchemist who's somehow fallen for his dissolute and dangerous ways. So why did their last encounter leave her a bloody mess --- and leave him a raving lunatic!

To solve the mystery and drag himself back out of the depths of insanity (not to mention down the aisle) he'll need the help of his best friend, his worst enemy, his estranged family, his jilted exes, his punk-rock past self... and even his ersatz alien ally from years ago, Shade the Changing Man!

Will John Constantine finally settle down? Speak now, or forever rest in peace!

Peter Milligan brings you the HELLBLAZER story you never thought you'd see --- and reunites with Shade the Changing Man, the character that made him a superstar --- in BLOODY CARNATIONS. Featuring the art of Giuseppe Camuncoli & Stefano Landini (JONAH HEX) and Simon Bisley (LOBO), it's the black-tie, black-magic event of the century!

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