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For John Constantine, doing a favor for friends in need can be one of the most dangerous things in his line of work, especially when the favor includes a coma epidemic, a bloated demon creating a literal Hell on earth, and a Native American death god. Luckily, for John's friend and his friend's comatose granddaughter, the Hellblazer works well under the worst kinds of pressure, even being forced to be a demon's lackey.

Back Blurb

The master of bad luck magic must stop a worldwide demonic plague... but will his cure be worse than the disease?

John Constantine -- the incorrigible trench coat-clad anti-hero -- hunts down a mad demon that has left a trail of bodies stretching from London to Los Angeles.

And to have a prayer of defeating this ruthless enemy, Constantine must forge alliances with monsters eery bit as terrible as the one he's pursuing...

A definitive tale of horror deftly told by Mike Carey (HELLBLAZER, LUCIFER) with stunningly visceral art by Leonardo Manco (HELLBLAZER, Apache Skies).

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter One: Proserpine Gathering Flowers
  • Chapter Two: Womb of Night
  • Chapter Three: Blood of Sacrifice
  • Chapter Four: Earth Felt the Wound
  • Chapter Five: No Second Stroke

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All his engines..........have broken down. 0

Title: John Constantine: Hellblazer – All his enginesWriters: Mike CareyArtist: Leonardo Manco10 word review: Oi Oi! Diet Constantine. Trying too hard. Unimportant. Semi-DullRating: 2 Death Gods out of 5 Review: I have an unusual taste in my mouth. It's not quite the taste of sheer revulsion but it is a taste which I almost certainly do not want in my mouth. It's like drinking your tea, noticing something slight, then peering into your cup and seeing small milky floaty bits that might, might be...

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My Favorite Hellblazer Story. 0

Yes, better than Dangerous Habits. This is John Constantine at his best. A bit of dark magic here and there, a bit of fisticuffs, and a whole lot of smoking. Sure, he's a bit of a bastard, but that's why he's such an interesting character. Not one prone to fighting, he uses his knowledge of the occult and skills at conning to win his battles. This particular story shows all of these things, with a bit of mouthing off to the highest of demons for good measure. Manco's art is absolutely delicious,...

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OGN - Only Great-NESS! 0

All His Engines is a self contained Original Graphic Novel (OGN) written by Mike Carey (X-Men), it was released as a tie-in to the Hellblazer Movie.  It is so self contained that it doesn't really even tie-in to his run own Hellblazer run well.  Many Hellblazer fans well debate where does it place in Carey's run.  This awkward moment of continuity is the only real penalty of a Star or maybe 1/2 star I can give it. It would of lost more stars if it was based on Movie John Constantine, thank God t...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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