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John Constantine's search for a cure for his terminal illness leads him to two acquaintances, one a demon...and one far, far worse. "Dangerous Habits" part 3 of 6.

John sits on the English coast, contemplating what to do next about his lung cancer. He's waiting for Ellie, who is working for the First of the Fallen. She's tells John that her boss is pissed about what he did to him in Ireland and that he is waiting for him in hell when he dies. He wants Ellie to help him and she first gets angry for him to even ask, but then she catches up with him to talk about his options. He could repent his sins or try to cure his cancer but both aren't options for John. She suggests talking to "the Snob", which John doesn't like but eventually agrees.

Until he meets with him, he visits Matt, his friend at the cancer station. Matt tells him how he continued to drink and smoke when he got his cancer diagnosis and that in the war, he had an officer who reminds him of the Snob. They tricked and killed him, back in the war, but the John's Snob is not that easy to get.

John goes to the Cambridge Club and watches a meeting between the Snob and someone called Charlie as they discuss some sinister plans. Then he sits down at the fireplace with him and John tells him that he owes him enough to help him. But the Snob refuses and explains to him that John's actions simply brought him to where he is right now, living with lung cancer because of his smoking and awaiting hell because of his sins. John confronts him with the fact that Charlie, the one he was talking to before, is Charlie Patterson who's with the National Front. The Snob is shocked and John leaves.

He sits down in a bar, drinking and thinking until he has an idea.

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