jacquenette_harper's Hellblazer #275 - Bloody Carnations, Part Five: Confetti and Brimstone review

Hellblazer #275, a truly Hellblazer wedding

We have finally seen John Constantine married! But as to be expected the wedding doesn't go over exactly perfect. 
This was really a good issue, and we got to see some great old characters that we haven't seen in a little while, such as Gemma Masters, and Kit Ryan, and some great old enemies.This had a great little twist in it. It also had a little story building in it, and I was left with the feel we are going to be seeing a lot more Gemma. But it was great even if you aren't a long time Hellblazer fan! 
This is a definetly a good read, and for all of you still deciding whether or not to buy it the solution to your indecision; buy it! This is a really good issue, because it is incredibly entertaining.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I am glad you reviewed this because if I remember correctly your a newer Hellblazer reader.  If my memory is correct, then you prove once Milligan became Sheriff the series was accessible.  Meaning, if this issue is scary since it may be the first Hellblazer they could of read, they could get Scab the trade, since it is the first of Milligan's books.

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